Interpreters are a vital part of the Advocates Abroad team. They are the indispensable link between the people that need help, and our Legal Advocates who have been trained to provide the help that is needed.

Interpreters shall assist Field Advocates and remote Advocates in providing legal aid to refugees and asylum seekers in camps and detention centers throughout Greece as well as remotely via email, phone and Skype.

Field Interpreters will be supporting field Advocates in providing legal aid to refugees and asylum seekers in Greece. Advocates Abroad has field missions on Samos, Chios, Lesvos, Leros, and in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Remote Interpreters will be providing support to Advocates’ operations by assisting Advocates in translations and interpretations over phone, email and Skype. Upon recruitment, a training program will be offered in preparation of the remote work. The minimum required availability is 5 hours per week, with a minimum commitment of three months.


  • Fluency in English and another relevant language (Urdu, Arabic, Farsi, Pashto, Kurdish, French).
  • A strong sense of integrity, cultural sensitivity and ability to maintain confidentiality are required.
  • Demonstrated experience with and commitment to working with refugees and asylum seekers is highly desirable.
  • Prior experience in interpretation and translation work is highly desirable.

Additional Information

  • Applications without attached cover letter will not be considered.
  • Minimum mission duration for the Field Interpreter position is two weeks, full-time.
  • Long term volunteers are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Advocates is a fully volunteer-based organization and is unable to reimburse expenses made for travel to and accommodation while working in the field.
  • Advocates provides limited reimbursements for operational expenses made during a field mission. 

About Advocates Abroad

Advocates Abroad is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization of volunteers dedicated to humanitarian aid in crisis zones.

Advocates, both field & remote, are local & foreign attorneys, interpreters, asylum experts and medical professionals.

Since 2016, Advocates teams have been trained and deployed to various locations to provide critical legal aid to thousands of refugees and asylum seekers in the EU and Middle East.

Advocates Abroad does not accept any form of compensation from any refugee or asylum seeker for any service provided.

Advocates Abroad serves all refugees and asylum seekers in need, without discrimination of background or identity.

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