The employer has three established training centers in Saudi Arabia and is at the forefront of vocational training in the kingdom. The workforce is western-educated for the most part. English Language programs (EAP; ESP) are also managed and delivered on behalf of third-party higher education establishments at other locations.

The institution currently offers over 40 programs, mainly focussed on the power utility industry. These vary in length and are mostly at diploma and associate diploma level. English language programs for third parties in higher education are usually associated with undergraduate degree courses and English foundation programs to university engineering departments.

The employer prides itself on the calibre of its workforce and on the programs it offers. Methodology for its programs is leading edge with a go green initiative established for both English and technical components, with course delivery through tablet; Apple TV; iTunes U and state of the art learner management systems. The English language instructor has a large amount of involvement in the shaping of courses; assessment and continuous improvement of the program.

All instructors and trainers are hired directly by the client. As part of this team, you’ll be helping achieve the stated mission; through a learner centric approach we will produce highly competent work-ready graduates for industry. We work hard to offer Saudi Nationals a credible and relevant qualification, modern facilities and a supportive student environment. To do this, the client liaises closely with business partners, community organizations and international education providers to make sure students are work-ready.


This means that staff not only have the opportunities, but are also encouraged and supported, to stay connected with industry and the community; keep up-to-date with the latest technology; and enhance their professional careers.


You’ll also be a joining an organization which values getting the job done and doing it well; where the teaching team challenge themselves to look for ways to do things better; and where people work together, respecting and supporting each other.

Description of the role and main duties:

Role Purpose:

  • To create a positive and supportive learning environment by using effective teaching strategies and promoting learning consistent with student needs and professional standards to ensure successful student outcomes.
  • To contribute positively and appropriately as a member of a teaching team.
  • To fulfil necessary administrative, assessment and course development obligations.

Main duties:

Facilitating Learning

  • Applies a variety of quality teaching and learning strategies underpinned by sound educational theory.
  • Delivers high quality learning experiences, up to 24 periods per week, using a variety of technology that provides for individual learning needs, incorporates literacy and numeracy, and enables students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills.


Planning and Preparation

  • Plans and prepares in advance current teaching resources, lesson plans, learning outcomes, effective blended delivery methods and effective assessment methods for all modules.


Curriculum Development and Flexible Delivery Design

  • Participates in the development and facilitation of blended learning programs.


Assessment of student learning

  • Applies a variety of formative and summative assessment tools that are valid, sufficient, fair and transparent.


Organisational Commitment & Institutional Capacity Building

  • Participates in institutional committees and other relevant capacity building activities.
  • Fulfils the requirements of the institution's systems, practices and legislative obligations by ensuring administrative responsibilities, internal and external moderation, monitoring and review requirements are completed.
  • Works in a manner that embraces the inistitution’s values.

Person Specifications:

Skills (Essential)

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Cross-cultural sensitivity, patience and tolerance
  • The ability to adapt to a variety of work conditions
  • To be a keen worker in team environments

Skills/Experience (Desirable)

  • Experience in implementing new teaching methodologies and pedagogy styles to create highly effective syllabus-based lessons.

For visa purposes the employer can only consider applications from teachers holding the following passports:

USA; Ireland; UK; New Zealand; Australia

Qualifications and Experience:

  1. Bachelor with English-related Major
  2. Recognised teaching English as a foreign language qualification validated by a reputable examination body or university, such as: Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA) or Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CertTESOL). The certificate must be a taught certificate (not studied online) and have a minimum length of 120 hours with a classroom experience component.
  3. 5 years teaching experience, post qualification.
  4. Experience of teaching in Saudi Arabia is desirable but not essential

Package details:

These benefit from being Direct Hire roles:

  • 12 month contracts, with starting dates ongoing throughout 2019
  • Basic salary range SAR 9,300 - 12,920
  • Accommodation, transportation is provided (or allowances are available)
  • 24 working days annual leave, plus public holidays, per year
  • Medical Insurance is provided
  • Flights and visa are provided

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