Area Storage & Transfer is looking for a full time Dispatcher

Our customer is the United States Postal Service known for its dedication on delivering mail to everyone in the country.


Qualified individuals must have:


  • Transportation dispatch experience
  • be familiar with Electronic Dispatch software,
  • be familiar with Harrisburg / Lancaster and the surrounding areas
  • scheduling routes and assigning routes


24/7 operation. Shifts/Days will be discussed during interview.

Benefits, Insurance health, dental and vision available after 90 days, 6 paid holidays/yr. Pay depending on experience.

You must attach a resume to be considered.

Dispatch Function 

Communicate with drivers via phone/radio 

  1. Assign/reassign trips as needed daily/weekly 
  2. Collect late slip information 
  3. Collect arrival/departure times on schedules sheets  
  4. Handle tractor assignments (understand what’s in service/OOS, due for service, inspection, etc.) 
  5. Communicate USPS networks/transportation issues/concerns 
  6. Handle breakdowns 
  7. Handle fueling issues 
  8. Handle accident reporting (per policy) 
  9. Handle injuries (per policy) 

Communicate with USPS via phone/email 

  1. Cover extra service as needed by USPS 
  2. Handle diversions (as requested by USPS) 
  3. Investigate/address service concerns 
  4. Communicate issues to USPS 
  5. Answer 5500’s (service failure notifications) 

LoadTrek (Dispatch software) admin 

  1. Assign trips- cover open routes (vacation/sick/breakdown/HOS/extras) 
  2. Check drivers are signed in and trailers entered 
  3. Change/update rotations 
  4. Audit driver times correct as needed 
  5. Validate driver times 
  6. Submit issues regarding equipment through e-Maint software 

Other duties 

  1. Attend out of service meeting daily 
  2. Sort all driver paperwork 
  3. Record/submit fleet issues using e-Maint software  
  4. Other duties as assigned 

Apply for position now

How many years experience do you have in trucking or transportation Dispatch?
What shifts are you available?
Area you willing to work Weekends and Holidays if needed?
Are you willing to submit to Background check in accordance with local laws and regulations?