Quality Control Laboratory Technician

Clarence, NY, United States Full Time

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Position Objective: Support the laboratory workflow in an efficient and effective manner. Support Analytical group in maintaining the laboratory to make work flow more efficient.

Essential Job Functions/Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for promoting and maintaining safe and healthy working conditions in his / her assigned work area; instructs and enforces compliance with established safe work practices and procedures; ensures assigned trainees receive appropriate training and information necessary to conduct their activities in a safe and healthy manner.
  • Properly disposes of solvent waste in appropriate containers and disposes of empty bottles in the recycling bins according to health, safety and environmental practices.
  • Performs laboratory, office and maintenance on a routine basis.
  • Performs and documents periodic checks of the eye wash stations located in the laboratory.
  • Performs routine daily balance checks and assists with minor lab equipment maintenance or instrument calibration.
  • Monitors the Volumetric Solutions and Test Solutions so that they are current.
  • Coordinates laboratory sample retrieval and entry into lab systems following standard procedures.
  • Removes stability samples from storage locations and enters into lab systems.
  • Assist chemists in their work as needed. Performs minor repairs to non-GMP equipment and services.
  • Assists with the filing of documents as needed.
  • Organizes and maintains the inventory of laboratory supplies such as reagents and chromatographic columns.
  • Obtains samples and identifies raw materials from drums.
  • Ensures the glassware is washed and dried according to the SOP and that the supply is adequate to ensure smooth operation of the laboratory.
  • Monitors lab reagents and expiry and notifies management of any re-ordering or replenishing needs.
  • Assists analysts with preparation of reagents, diluents or soIutions following written procedures or methods.
  • Assist analysts with simple lab tests such as pH, LOD, viscosity and physical appearance.
  • Responsible for the efficient utilization of resources and supplies to reduce waste and achieve cost containment and Lean objectives.

Required Education & Qualifications:

  • A Bachelors Degree in Chemistry or any related field or an Associates Degree in a Scientific field with 2 years previous work experience
  • Must possess good communication skills as well as computer skills
  • Must be organized and flexible with an ability to handle multiple work assignments

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