As a Postdoctoral Fellow in Preclinical Sciences you will work closely with Biology Lab and Medicinal Chemistry staff as a researcher in cancer biology, biochemistry, and pharmacology in support of Athenex nonclinical development programs.

The successful candidate will aid in development of pipeline projects and clinical programs through execution of fundamental research utilizing cell and molecular biology techniques, including but not limited to, DNA/RNA isolation, PCR, protein analysis, cell microscopy, flow cytometry, cell viability assays, immunofluorescence, immunoblotting, ELISA, sterile mammalian cell culture, and generation of research cell banks.

You will develop applied screening assays to aid in IND candidate selection. Your research will support the translation of in vitro testing to appropriate preclinical species and models. Responsibilities will include design and coordination of in vivo translational studies, leading to publication in leading scientific journals. As a Postdoctoral Fellow in early drug discovery, you will also contribute to program strategy through testing the synergy of proprietary compounds in combination with available anticancer agents. Familiarity with protein chemistry, biologics, and drug discovery process, while not required, would be advantageous. The novel research conducted as a Postdoctoral Fellow would be complemented by knowledge of current oncology treatments.

Required Education and Qualifications

·       PhD in pharmaceutical sciences or a related discipline

·       Excellent written and oral communication, interpersonal and problem-solving skills

·       Extensive hands-on experience with cell and molecular biology techniques

·       Experience handling preclinical animal species and specimens

·       Experience working with infectious agents (Risk Group 2, Biosafety Level 2)

·       Experience with scientific graphing and analysis software (e.g., Excel, Sigma plot, GraphPad, etc.)

·       Understanding of regulatory guidances

·       Preferred:

o  Experience in biologics development and manufacturing

o  Organization of experimental data and samples

o  Resourcefulness, pragmatism, and independent work ethic

o  Can manage multiple projects under tight timelines working independently and collaboratively

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