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Welcome to Catapult Leaders! We have exclusive career opportunities with top companies for talented professionals in the Supply Chain, Logistics, and Purchasing fields. If your career path is in one of these high-demand areas, you are in the right place. Companies from across the country bring their best jobs to Catapult Leaders because we have expertise in matching highly talented professionals with great jobs in great companies.

We are asked to find awesome senior executives, mid-level managers, and those early (or just starting) in their careers. We look forward to working with you to help you connect with the right opportunity that will advance you to your personal and career goals. Our unique focus is on placing diverse talent in Supply Chain, Logistics, and Purchasing roles. Please complete the quick & easy profile form so that we can get started helping you. All of our work with you is confidential until you decide that you are interested in pursuing a specific job opportunity.

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