Taplow, United Kingdom Full Time

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  • To follow and complete any instructions given to you by the Head sommelier & Restaurant Manager.

    • To implement policies and systems as required under the guidance of the management

  • To adhere to all policies and procedures as outlined by the hotel.
    • To demonstrate respect to management and colleagues while addressing them.

  • To meet operational expectations as advised by the Restaurant Manager and Senior Management

  • To keep a high Standard of personal hygiene and appearance.

  • To approach guests in the correct manner as lay out by Hotel Standards.

  • To use the guests name whenever possible, in accordance with the Hotel Standards.

  • To attend briefings and departmental meetings.

  • Act in accordance with fire, health and safety regulations and follow the correct procedures when the situation arises.

  • To ensure that all the elements are present in order to secure a smooth and efficient service.

  • To schedule and handle inventory in the absence of cellar manager

  • To maintain optimum quality standards, regardless of challenges

  • To select, buy, store, sell, and serve wines, in association with the Cellar Manager

  • To create and maintain the wine list, in association with the Cellar Manager

  • To keep and manage inventory of wines, in association with Cellar Manager

  • To ensure proper storage and serving of wines

  • To discuss and recommend wines with guests in accordance with the guest budget, and their choice of food

  • To up sell and promote wines when possible

  • To maintain wine-serving equipment

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