Data Scientist

Dublin, Ireland Full Time

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The Role

We're searching for a top data scientist to join our team and help drive strategy by analysing data on the €6bn traded on our platform by over 100k customers who we've helped save over €200m.

The CF data science team is responsible for strategic analytics and works closely with stakeholders across the business. We also oversee marketing operations and budgets – some projects we've delivered this year include:

  • Deploying an attribution model based on game theory methods which ensured the efficient redistribution of our marketing budget. This both reduced marketing costs by over 70% and increased new customer revenue.

  • Changing our dev practices and infrastructure to use Unix tools and principles to automate workflows and minimise duplication

  • Building customer retention and CLV models to understand key demographic and behavioural drivers

Our tech stack is Python / TensorFlow / Ubuntu / AWS / SQL Server / MySQL / Oracle / Tableau and we have a dedicated analytics infrastructure in place which combines app, trade and clickstream data in a unified view.

We care about career progression and love to learn and teach – we're currently running a deep learning course in conjunction with the engineering department and provide AWS credits for personal projects.

The successful candidate will combine modern development practices and machine learning methods to produce relevant, actionable insights and work on all parts of the business including risk, growth, marketing, and product development.

What we're looking for

A motivated, mathematically-minded and pragmatic scientist who's equally versed in programming and statistics.

  • 2+ years commercial experience working as a data scientist or similar

  • BSc in Maths, Physics, Computer Science or similar

  • 4+ years experience using Python or similar

  • Solid SQL skills

  • Good understanding of Bayesian statistics

  • Familiar with open source-style software development practices, e.g. knowledge of git & PR-based workflows

  • Excellent communication skills

  • You've a few machine learning projects under your belt

  • You're familiar with Amazon services such as EC2, RDS and SQS

Bonus points

  • You've experience with time-series forecasting

  • You contribute to open source projects

  • You're familiar with cookie cutter data science

  • You prefer using Unix systems and workflows

  • You've competed in Kaggle competitions


  • Support decision-making by informing product development, marketing efforts and company strategy

  • Build predictive churn and customer lifetime value models

  • Improve FX hedging through time-series analysis and forecasting

  • Optimise marketing efforts through targeting, segmentation/clustering and attribution

  • Manage split tests to optimise customer acquisition & trading funnels

  • Provide product teams with a solid understanding of customer journeys & UI flows / drop off points

  • Provide reports and apps for management team

  • Help develop ML products for customer-facing apps

About us

CurrencyFair was established in 2009 based on a simple premise: there was a better way for businesses and consumers to send money internationally that was faster, fairer, a lot cheaper, and far more convenient than the then current service offered by banks and brokers. Having launched in May 2010, we have grown steadily since then, and our team is now 60 people and counting. With plans to expand our product offering in 2018 (and beyond) we are excited to have more people join the team. Our team is made up of individuals who are passionate about building an innovative product and delivering a world class service; and together we are busy working to achieve our vision of a world of fair financial services. If you want to be part of that, we’d love to hear from you.

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