CurrencyFair was originally established in 2009 by a team who had the vision to create the world’s first peer-to-peer foreign exchange marketplace that enables consumers (and small businesses) to save substantial sums of money when transferring money abroad. The company is created on the premise that all customers should come first, by having access to a simple, transparent and innovative product which eliminates hidden fees and noncompetitive exchange rates offered by Banks. The Company operates globally with offices in Dublin, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong, and is now embarking on a growth phase as revenues continue to double year on year.


We're searching for a top data scientist to join our data analytics team. As a data scientist you will harness large amounts of high-quality marketing, customer and FX trading data on over €10bn of trades to drive company strategy by providing insight and supporting decision-making through data science.

As part of the team you will work across all parts of the business including risk management, growth, marketing and product development. You will combine modern development practices and machine learning methods to produce timely, actionable reports.

Some projects we've recently delivered and maintain include:

  • Customer-level attribution modelling based on game theory methods and Markov models to ensure the efficient distribution of our online marketing budget.
  • Modernising our dev practices and infrastructure to use Unix tools and principles to automate workflows and minimise duplication
  • Building customer retention and lifetime value models to understand key demographic and behavioural drivers
  • Migrating our Data Warehousing infrastructure to Snowflake / Airflow / AWS

We like to keep things open source as much as possible – our stack is Python (NumPy, SciPy, PyMC3, Jupyter) / Ubuntu / Spark / AWS (EC2, RDS, EMR) / Snowflake / Airflow / SQL Server / MySQL / Oracle / Tableau / make / bash and we have dedicated analytics infrastructure in place to combine app, trade and clickstream data in a unified view.

What we're looking for

A motivated, mathematically-minded and pragmatic data scientist who's equally versed in coding and statistics.

  • 3+ years commercial or academic experience working in data analysis or similar (or 2+ years experience with Data Warehousing)
  • BSc in Maths, Physics, Computer Science or similar
  • You have expert-level SQL skills
  • 3+ years experience coding in Julia, R or Python
  • Familiar with open source-style software development practices, e.g. knowledge of git & PR-based workflows
  • You have experience using Tableau or similar
  • You have top notch communication skills
  • You've a few machine learning projects under your belt
  • You love joining up the dots, making sense of complex and noisy data and communicating insights to fellow team members

Bonus points

  • You contribute to open source projects
  • You're familiar with cookie cutter data science frameworks
  • You prefer Unix systems and workflows
  • You've competed in Kaggle competitions
  • You've used Amazon or similar (e.g. GCP) cloud services
  • You’ve experience with Data Warehousing and ETL, particularly Snowflake and Airflow
  • You have a solid understanding of Bayesian analysis


  • Support decision-making by informing product development, marketing efforts and company strategy
  • Optimise marketing efforts through targeting, segmentation, attribution and automation
  • Design and manage split tests to optimise customer acquisition & trading funnels
  • Provide product teams with a deep understanding of customer journeys & UI flows / drop off points
  • Provide reports and data apps for management team
  • Help develop data products for customer-facing apps or communications
  • Data Warehousing and ETL management

PLEASE NOTE: Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

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