Are you an advanced data engineer / data architect who can strategize and implement big data solutions? Are you eager to further your career in a critical role with a rapidly growing company that has a world-class client list and hundreds of millions of dollars in funding from big name investors? Well, you may be the professional for us!

Our client, an extremely successful startup in the logistics arena, has asked us to find them someone who can analyze their data assets, develop a strategy for where they go next, and then execute on that strategy. Is this you? If so, please submit your resume and fill out our questionnaire ASAP!  

THE WORK: The work includes almost everything necessary to build this company’s next generation data environment. You’ll be spending about 25% of your time on issues of data strategy, 50% addressing tactical issues, and 25% doing hands-on work. Some of the things you’ll deliver will include:

  • An audit of the existing systems and data assets
  • Selections of next generation technologies and a plan for moving things onto new platform
  • Hands-on execution of the steps in that plan

LOCATION: This client is located in the center of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Built around the University of Michigan, one of the world’s top universities, Ann Arbor is an incredibly vibrant place, filled with great restaurants, high tech startups, and people from around the globe. We have huge festivals every summer, including a month-long summer festival of music and movies and the US’ largest outdoor art fair. In the autumn and winter the town takes on an air of excitement as we root on the university’s football, basketball, and hockey teams.

But wait, there’s more! Ann Arbor is only 45 minutes from Detroit - America’s renaissance city. If you haven’t been to Detroit lately, you’re missing out. It’s become an incredible place that’s built onto its storied past as the world’s auto home with the addition of high tech, retail, and culture. And just beyond Detroit is Ontario, Canada.

All things considered, Ann Arbor and southeast Michigan are jewels that are starting to get the attention they deserve. You should play a part! 

MODE: Permanent

REQUIRED: Our client will expect a lot from this person and, therefore, applicants must be very well versed and experienced in:

  • Data storage technologies, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each. These will include:
  • Relational databases
  • Column-store databases
  • NoSQL data stores
  • Cloud-based data storage options
  • Techniques for abstracting an application’s data layer from its presentation layer
  • Traditional data modeling techniques

COMPENSATION: This client has crafted an extremely competitive compensation and benefits package that includes the following components:

  • Base salary of $175,000 per year
  • Annual bonuses
  • An extremely generous benefits package that includes health and dental coverage, a 401k plan with matches, maternity and paternity leave
  • A large number of paid vacation days and holidays
  • A silicon-valley like facility and team but with midwest costs of living

INTERESTED? If you're interested and have the skills, we'd love to hear from you. Please answer our questionnaire and submit your resume right away! Thanks!  

NOTE: Dataspace performs background checks on accepted candidates prior to their employment or contract start dates.

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