Organizations are swimming in data. They collect it from websites, internal systems, external vendors, internet of things technologies... However because these data sources are independent of each other, there is almost always a chasm between the ability to gather data and the ability to use it; A data scientist  can predict very little with information about sales made to a customer and the income level of that customer if that data is in two separate files and there’s no way to link it together.

Golden Record provides that link. We're a startup providing a cloud-based technology that significantly eases the struggles organizations face as they attempt to integrate data that might come from a million different places. It allows those organizations to quickly tie this data together, empowering their managers with a unified vision of the organization, it’s customers, products, and environment.

While we've developed the basic technology with existing staff, we now need a visionary developer to play a central role on our small team focused on commercializing and enhancing this groundbreaking technology. This person will be critical to our success. While this starts as a contract role, our plan is to turn this into a permanent position once the candidate proves themself.

In order to make it, you must be passionate about technology and know Python, UI development (Flask or Django along with Javascript), and back end technologies (SQL, and others). And, let's face it, no one knows everything. So, you also must be the kind of person who will independently research and find the best answer to any problems you encounter.

LOCATION: We'd prefer candidates able to work in Ann Arbor, Michigan but will consider remote assignments for the strongest of applicants.

THE WORK: Improve and enhance Golden Record using a combination of cutting edge technologies.

MODE: Contract to hire (We will consider Corp to Corp, 1099, and W2 arrangements for this critical role) leading to a permanent position.

REQUIRED: Applicants must be very strong in the following skills:

  • Strong Python
  • Flask (or Django)
  • HTML & CSS
  • Javascript
  • SQL and databases

DESIRED:In addition, it would be great if you had some cloud experience, preferably with Google Cloud.

INTERESTED? If you're interested in making a difference and have the skills and drive, we'd love to hear from you! Please answer our questionnaire and submit your resume right away! Thanks!   


  1. Dataspace performs background and drug screens on accepted candidates prior to their employment or contract start dates.
  2. We work ONLY with direct, W2 employees of our contracting partners. Contracting firms, do not submit resumes for candidates who are not your own, direct employees.  
  3. We rely heavily on assertions in resumes and report suspected cases of resume fraud to the USCIS and other authorities. We therefore strongly advise the submission of only resumes that can be independently verified.

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