Are you looking to be a part of a team with a purpose? EdConnective’s mission is to transform education from the bottom up. We strongly believe that teachers are the core technology in every classroom, and by helping them move from good to great, we can help ensure every student has access to a highly effective teacher. We are currently looking for effective teachers to join our team and help us coach more teachers as early as next month!

Coaches will be responsible for providing 30 minutes of pre-observation conferencing for the enrolled teacher at the beginning of each coaching cycle via phone or video chat. Coaches will also be responsible for developing a coaching plan. Each week of coaching for one teacher will then include two 20 minute observations of an enrolled teacher’s recorded classroom instruction. After each of these observations, the coach will be responsible for providing 30 minutes of feedback within 48 hours of the last observation, via phone or video call. Coaching partnerships can range from 4 -10 consecutive weeks. This is a part time position, requiring a maximum of 20 hours a week. As our work is dependent on the demand of our clients, we cannot guarantee you a minimum number of hours at any given times. There also might be times when you are not executing any coaching.

EdConnective is an instructional coaching service for K12 schools that helps schools get teachers coached online for 1/80th of today's cost. Through leveraging video sharing technology, our proprietary coach pairing algorithm, and a proven coaching methodology we provide our customers with unprecedented access to a vetted cadre of master instructional coaches.

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