Job Title: Group Creative Director, Copy                                                          Department: Creative

Reports to: President                                                                                           FLSA Status: Full-Time/Exempt

Position Summary:

You are a storyteller through and through. You just can’t help it. You have an uncanny ability to find that singular perspective that captures the imagination without losing the point. You’re a natural-born leader — igniting ideas, finding efficiencies, inspiring dedication, and working hard to earn respect. Luckily, you’re exactly what we’re looking for. Because in our business, you can be a pro at process and a tiger at tactics, but if you don’t know people (whether they’re clients, HCPs, patients, or teammates), our work won’t sing. Of course, there are a few more boxes to tick (see below), but show us your heart, and we’ll show you what it means to go to work with family.

What you’ll be doing:

·       Partnering with the Group Creative Director (Art) to lead the department as a team

·       Coaching copywriters (at all levels) to: ideate; copywrite; craft positioning and messaging for HCP and consumer audiences; annotate and package references; collaborate with other departments; and present to clients with confidence, savvy, and on-strategy efficiency

·       Being a copy taste-maker, peace-keeper, mediator, and inspirational force

·       Guiding the creative team in transforming concepts into comprehensive, omnichannel campaigns

·       Leading and digging deep into pitches

·       Collaborating with other agency disciplines to guide, listen to, and earn the trust of clients

·       Being a unifying force that inspires harmony between the Creative and Client Services departments

·       Taking pride of ownership by ensuring quality, consistency, and the timely creation of every project produced for every client

·       Helping lead unifying initiatives (when appropriate) within the greater Fishawack Group of Companies

·       Maintaining budget, managing hours, and working hand-in-hand with project management to allocate copy resources so that the right copywriters are assigned to the jobs that not only let them shine, but also help them evolve

·       Helping maintain client budgets by keeping an active pulse on the copy department and ensuring budgets and timelines are honored and, if necessary, adjusted to match reality

·       Being an active part of managing day-to-day deliverables, project schedules, and client needs and expectations

·       Always staying on the lookout for innovative ways to enhance not only the creative department but also the agency at large

·       Developing innovative concepts and tactics that stand out in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape

·       Forging healthy, friendly, and trusting relationships with our clients that inspire bigger thinking and more business

·       Inspiring your team to find the A-game they never even knew they had


What you need to hear back from us:

·       Bachelor’s Degree in advertising, marketing, writing, or equivalent area of study

·       Minimum of 15 years’ copywriting and 5 years’ managing a team

·       Pharmaceutical and/or medical device experience

·       Strong client service skills with a commitment to superior quality

·       Experience in scoping, staffing, and managing a creative team

·       Solid digital experience and social media savvy

·       Experience writing video scripts, directing talent, and understanding the nuanced skill of creating short clips (:15, :30, :60) vs long form  

·       Comfort, clarity, and affability when presenting to clients

·       That unusual ability to thrive under tight deadlines

·       A desire to do great work in a tight-knit, dynamic agency located in the heart of America’s finest city 

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