Flipdish is a global software business headquartered in Dublin, and one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. The company employs 150 team members across 7 countries and expects this to double in the next 12 months.

There is a dramatic and rapid shift from offline to online in the hospitality industry. In the next 10 years we will see the proliferation of self serve kiosks and dark kitchens transform the industry. Flipdish is leading the way.

Flipdish's Mission Statement: “To be the market leader for white-label online ordering globally, with a focus on customer and employee success.”

The Opportunity

You have the chance to come and build a world class product organization in one of the world's fastest growing tech companies.

Flipdish has found product market fit, but in a highly fluid and dynamic market, we cannot afford to remain static. Since we are currently in a rapid scaling phase of growth, we are investing heavily in our development efforts, and we need a strong leader to lead our product function. We hope that person is you!

You will be a major voice for the product within the company, and to the market.

You will collaborate with key stakeholders on gathering requirements, prioritizing them into a strategic roadmap. You will set the right context for the people who will create the products, and build alignment and awareness around the company of our product direction.

You will know when to say "no" to requests that would take us off course, and are comfortable doing so.

You will create an engine of product design for the company, building a team of world-class professionals to rapidly iterate on our product features, and work closely with engineering to ensure those designs truly meet the needs of our customers.

You will bring your obsession in creating business outcomes to the company, and help us measure the success of our strategic choices.

You will ensure that company's product line stays on a course that keeps us relevant and valuable. There are many opportunities for M&A growth in our industry, and your experience in spotting these will be a crucial part of your role.

Our combination of bleeding-edge technology, market opportunity, design fidelity, and user experience makes our product competitive. This is an opportunity to create an organization that makes us even more sophisticated in all of these areas.


You will make measured bets on what to build, which will require deep understanding of our commercial and competitive space.

You will work closely with engineering to make time/feature tradeoffs quickly and create strong feedback loops with them during product delivery.

Flipdish's competitive advantage comes with our advanced technology, and so you will need to have a wide ranging understanding of what is possible with modern technology and also the surrounding ecosystems.

You will need to be aware of the competition and know everything they're doing, and then figure out which of their actions need a response and which are noise.

You will frequently ask the hard questions of our product investments, and keep the customer and market shifts in mind.

The candidate must have

  • Experience creating a high-functioning product organization within a high-growth tech company
  • Experience hiring highly proficient software product managers and designers
  • Experience optimizing and measuring their team through KPIs and other metrics
  • 5+ years product team leadership experience
  • Previous hands on product design experience
  • Able to frame product decisions as market bets and measure the outcomes of each
  • Foster an environment where communication, teamwork, and collaboration are rewarded
  • Focus on quality, while increasing efficiency, delivering value, while reducing waste
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • High ability to lead and influence
  • Strong SaaS or Cloud company background
  • Develop close working relationships with the CEO and other stakeholders in order to create a world-class product

Responsibilities and duties

  • Develop processes needed to run a product organization efficiently, prioritize product decisions, and bring products to market
  • Influence and implement product vision and road map
  • Recruit experienced product owners and designers who have overseen multiple stages of the lifecycle of high use products
  • Represent product management at the executive level
  • Empower POs in their organization to work effectively and get things done
  • Build programs to train and support new POs and designers
  • Drive product strategy, road-mapping, and execution across the organization
  • Create and empower a professional product management discipline
  • Inspire and motivate all people contributing to product development and instill a cross-company product management processes


  • Equity/Shares
  • Competitive salary
  • Twenty Three days holidays
  • Flexible working hours
  • Flexible working from home
  • Bike to work
  • Taxsaver Scheme
  • Employee referral programme
  • Access to a PRSA

We also have

  • Access to training and certification
  • Collaborative work environment with a dynamic and diverse team — and we do actually mean this and invest in it
  • Team-building activities and social events
  • Unparalleled opportunity to grow and advance within the company

Please note that for this role we only accept applications from candidates directly. No recruitment agency assistance is needed.

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