HappiLabs is a small business based in Chicago that provides a service to scientists called the Virtual Lab Manager. We are similar to an outsourced purchasing department (some might say a Personal Shopper) for biotech companies and scientific research labs.

Our mission: to improve the happiness of scientists and the quality of their research.

By helping scientists do their job, we are helping all the people on the planet who benefit from inventions, creations, and knowledge that scientists create.

Strong candidates for a position at HappiLabs need to be friendly, responsive, innovative, and tough.

We are “virtual”, so your job consists of sitting in our Chicago or San Francisco office where you’ll be helping track, process, and manage orders our VLMs have ordered for customers. You will be interacting with vendors, customer service representatives, as well as other HappiLabs employees. 


A strong candidate will have two or more of these backgrounds:

  • Logistic experience 
  • Customer service experience
  • Lab manager or postdoc who has managed scientists, experiments, and budgets
  • Purchaser in a non-science setting
  • Sales rep in the life science industry
  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree 


  • Maintaining a daily ToDo List
  • Utilizing apps and software for managing labs
  • Communicating with suppliers (sales reps, technical help, & customer service) to obtain pricing and technical info, place orders, retrieve order updates, and solve logistics and supply chain problems
  • Keeping detailed accounting records, such as Purchase Orders and Invoices
  • Reporting progress and solving problems at team meetings


  • We want a long-term commitment, someone who will help a small company grow into a large one
  • Tech savvy (very good with a computer, its keyboard, and multiple monitors) having knowledge in Javascript, HTML, CSS, or any coding is a plus.
  • Mac user AND comfortable with Google products/spreadsheets
  • Proactive – help without being asked to help and able to predict potential problems
  • Quick, mental flexibility – we’re a growing company, always changing, and a good candidate must be willing (and excited!) to change the pace
  • A passion for science and a desire to make a difference in the world
  • Tough – customers and suppliers can be difficult to deal with. You need to take the hits, be calm with your interactions, and move on
  • Confident presence on the phone


  • Full-time 40 hours per week
  • $35-$55k, depending on experience
  • Medical and Dental health benefits
  • Food provided at the Chicago office

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