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An top Retail company in Naas are looking for a Duty Manager to work shift / early and late

Duty Managers typically handle the security, customer service and some management concerns of an organization. Industries in which they operate include hotels, stores and fitness clubs. These managers oversee the maintenance and overall safety procedures of the premise. Managers often liaise or meet with other executives or managers.

Duty managers earn good salaries. Their remuneration may vary depending on the location, size and type of company. They work long hours that are dictated by the responsibilities they have.

A Duty Manager usually performs many of the following tasks:

• Ensuring employees are offering exceptional customer service

• Making sure customers are happy with the service and products

• Delegating duties

• Assisting store managers

• Helping to implement store policies

• Routing sales productivity reports to staff

• Motivating employees

• Handling cash and end of day checking

• Managing store cleanliness and organization

• Dealing with customer complaints and issues

Skills• Public relations

• Being adaptable

• Professionalism

• Being courteous

• Being amicable

• Conflict resolution

• Project management

• Supervision

• Leadership

• Problem solving

• Decision making

• Customer service

• Communication

• Resilience

• Being resourceful

• Being attentive

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