Position Purpose

As the Java Developer in Bank of Georgia, you will work with our development team and business units. You will be responsible for analyze, examine, develop, implement, fix bugs and maintain software application systems. If you are a resourceful, creative and team-oriented who can work collaboratively with others to deliver solutions, this position is for you!


·        Analyze business requirements

·        Discuss and agree system architect

·        Design and development of Software solution

·        Writing documentation

Successful candidate should meet following criteria:


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.

Desired Experience:

·        Java Multithreading;

·        Java Lambdas;

·        Knowledge of Design patterns is preferred.

·        Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

·        Required qualifications:

·        Knowledge of Java;

·        Knowledge of Java Persistence;

·        Knowledge of Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB);

·        Experience with application servers (preferably with JBOSS);

·        Knowledge of Hibernate;

·        Knowledge of other Java frameworks;

·        Strong analytical skills and the ability to pay careful attention to detail;

·        Capacity to work well in groups and a willingness to understand the various roles played by fellow team members.

·        Experience with Oracle DB.

 Desired qualifications and skills:

·        Maven;

·        Git, SVN;

·        Atlassian Jira;

·        PrimeFace library for JSF

How to apply


Interested candidates, please fill in the information, attach your CV and submit by clicking “apply for position now” Deadline is March 11, 2020.

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