Job Requirements:

·        Experience in Cybersecurity analysis, incident response, or a related field with increasing responsibility

·        Ability to characterize suspicious binaries and be able identify traits, C2, and develop network and host-based IOCs

·        Ability to Identify potential malicious activity from memory dumps, logs, and packet captures

·        Strong knowledge of malware families and network attack vectors

·        Strong knowledge of Linux, Windows system internals

·        Advanced knowledge of operating system security

·        Strong research, analytical, and problem solving skills

·        Python and/or PowerShell scripting, knowledge of YARA, RegEx and PCRE experience desirable

·        Knowledge of current and emerging security tools and technologies, industry trends, latest threats, counter measures, and best practices.

·        Knowledge of the underlying logic that security alerts are built upon and apply them when analyzing raw logs and creating new dashboards and alerts

·        Bachelor's Degree in an IT related field and/or equivalent work experience

Job Responsibilities

·        Identifying, monitoring, analyzing, and evaluating information from multiple data sources

·        Conduct analysis of network traffic and host activity across a wide array of technologies and platforms

·        Perform threat hunting to identify anomalous behavior

·        Provide initial analysis of security intelligence feeds

·        Recommends new intel feeds and changes to current feed intake which may include examining/monitoring the dark web and other external sources to identify potential threats.

·        Develop and provide a Cyber Threat Intelligence Report, Monthly Report and Quarterly Report and an Annual Report.

How to apply

Interested candidates, please fill in the information, attach your CV and submit by clicking “apply for position now” Deadline is March 28 2019.

გამოაგზავნეთ განაცხადი

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* გთხოვთ, სააპლიკაციო ფორმა შეავსოთ ქართული ფონტით