Bank of Georgia is announcing a job offer for Scrum master’s position in Agile Delivery Model;

Scrum master is full time member of the team, a servant-leader responsible for workflow efficiency, the Squad's understanding of Agile development practices, building effective interfaces with other Squads and units and promoting self-organization and maturity of the Squad.

Main duties:

·        Facilitate Squad ceremonies from sprint planning to demonstration

·        Track progress and achievement of the Squad's goals at daily stand-ups using burn down charts/cumulative flow diagrams

·        Coordinate interaction with other Squads at super sprint planning and Squads synchronization ceremonies

·        Manage the processes of decomposing and estimating tasks, finding dependencies with other Squads and updating the backlog to prepare the Squad for super sprint planning

·        Helps other Squads and the conventional part of the organization to build effective communication and interaction with the Squad

·        Ensure compliance and continuous improvement of Agile ceremonies and practices, teaching new techniques to the Squad as needed

·        Create and maintain an atmosphere of trust through facilitation of retrospectives and feedback exchange among Squad members

·        Remove obstacles in the Squad's path (such as managing vendors, dependencies on other Squads)

·        Contribute to Squad product development to the extent of her or his competence

Required Qualification/Skills:

·        Higher education

·        Minimum 3 years of increasingly responsible experience in IT or Product development;

·        2 years of working with Agile projects or Agile teams 

·        1+ years in Agile as a Scrum Master

·        Strong skills of facilitating Agile ceremonies

·        Strong understanding of Agile & Scrum – Scrum Master, Product Owner certification (or equivalent) is a plus

·        Strong communication skills 

·        Proven ability to resolve conflicts in the Squad 

·        Proficiency in English language

·        Confident and willing to take responsibility and achieve the best for the Squad

·        Energetic and inspired view on the work, ability to inspire people around

·        Ability to create an atmosphere of trust and comfortable/efficient work environment

Interested candidates, please fill in the information, attach your CV and submit by clicking “apply for position now” Deadline is March 11, 2020.

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