Job Summary

As an elementary school teacher at Kang Chiao International School, you are entitled to the opportunity to set the tone for engaging students in independent, discovery learning via curriculum design. When students learn to become active participants in this learning environment during elementary school, they are more prepared to take on the challenges of middle school, high school, and beyond. At this level, you assume the role of instilling the love of learning in students, as well as guiding them to overcome the challenges and obstacles of learning so that they would be prepared academically, cognitively, and socially for the future. 

Job Responsibilities 

  • Create and deliver lessons and unit plans that are engaging, inquiry-based, motivating, and captivating for the students
  • Reach school and course-wide performance goals for every student in the class
  • Create a student-centered learning environment. Implement innovative teaching methods with the integration of technology
  • Design and deliver a wide variety of formatives and summative, including performance-based assessments (e.g., project-based learning)
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues in planning and delivering interdisciplinary and co-teaching lessons
  • Assist students struggling with emotional problems, learning disabilities or situations, and help them find the resources they need
  • Increase educational knowledge and stay current on new methods by joining professional organizations, attending continuing education courses, and attending regular training sessions for teachers
  • Weave goals, competencies, and objectives into daily teachings that are relevant to the student’s life


  • Native speakers
  • At least 2 years teaching experience
  • Master’s degree related to subject applied for 
  • Teaching Credential, TESOL/TEFL/CELTA certification  
  • Multiple Subject Credential preferred


  • Opportunities for in-house, ongoing professional development
  • Health insurance
  • Competitive housing allowance
  • 30 paid vacation days (10 additional paid vacation days with a renewal contract)
  • Full airfare reimbursement and airport pickup

Kang Chiao Background

Kang Chiao International School QuJiang is a new school of the Kang Chiao International School (KCIS) system. Kang Chiao International School QuJiang is located in Xi'an, China (home of the Terracotta Warriors), and will open its doors to students in September 2019. Both KCIS campuses in Taiwan and China have student enrollments in excess of 3000 students for middle and high school combined and have had a positive growth rate of more than 50% since 2012.  

KCIS strives to provide a stimulating environment where diversity and inspiration are embraced. Our students are empowered to acquire and reinforce the skills needed to be engaging, active lifelong learners. Therefore, they will be prepared to face uncertainty with confidence in our global society. We aim to provide a coherent learning experience from our kindergarten to high school by utilizing innovative pedagogical methods based on a balanced international curriculum.  

Mission Statement

Kang Chiao strives to provide a culturally stimulating environment, where diversity is celebrated and students are provided with the skills to succeed in a global society. From our kindergarten through to our senior high school, Kang Chiao utilizes innovative pedagogical methods based on an international curriculum.


Nurturing International Leaders, Preparing Students for a Beautiful Future.

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