International Credit Controller (CICM Study Support)

London, United Kingdom Full Time

Salary: £24,000-£26,000 per annum + benefits

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Some people really enjoy the buzz of credit control. They love that credit control combines so many skills – from poring over ledgers to understand what to chase and when, to troubleshooting when a payment has gone astray through to writing clear, effective emails and making those difficult calls which result in resolving a query and getting paid. If you’re one of these people, then please read on. We have a vacancy in our team which we hope will be of interest to you.

Firstly, we should explain that credit control at Kaplan International English works a little differently. For a start, we don’t sell a tangible product like potatoes or machine components: we provide courses for international students who want to learn English - which they can do at any one of our 40 worldwide locations – from Oxford and San Diego through to Auckland and Vancouver. So, you won’t find anyone talking about DSOs. We use different measures to check how well we’re doing. We also work with commission-based sales agents based in more than 150 countries, which brings another challenging and interesting element to the role.

Collecting payment is complex too. Our larger agents send many hundreds of students to us every year – each doing a different programme in a different location and for a different length of time. No two invoices are ever the same and we deal in several currencies. And, just to complicate things further, often students decide to stay longer because they are enjoying it so much, resulting in more fees to be collected, more commissions to be paid and more agent balances to be reconciled. So, you’ll need to enjoy the puzzle of unpicking lots of line items and have the ability to make sense of the numbers, with the help of Excel functions such as Vlookups and pivot tables. 

The team is managed by an experienced Kaplan International Credit manager and two supervisors, who provide lots of side-by-side training, particularly when someone joins the team. Between them, they help the team to achieve against a number of key performance objectives which include reduction of overall debt but also reduction of administrative issues such as unapplied credit and unallocated balances. As a part of a public listed US business which reports figures to our parent company each month, ensuring as accurate a picture as possible is something that all our Credit Controllers have a role in contributing to.

As a Credit Controller joining our team, you can expect a warm welcome and lots of support as you get up to speed in your new role –both from within the Credit Control team and also from colleagues in Customer care and staff in our schools that you’ll be working with. You can also expect a modern, stylish working environment in architect-designed offices with communal areas for socialising, staff kitchens and really high-quality coffee! We can also offer study support for employees working towards or wanting to work towards an CICM qualification.

Please send us your CV with a covering letter explaining why you would like to be considered. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an initial phone call to further assess suitability. 

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