Praze an Beeble, United Kingdom Full Time

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Nightporter Job Description

  • To secure Golf View laundry, Leisure Centre laundry and the Orangery at start of the evening.
  • To check that each street light is lit and advise maintenance of any that are not.
  • Check with Reception to make sure keys available for any guests arriving late.
  • Late arrivals to be issued with keys/welcome pack/map to accommodation.
  • Late arrivals to be noted in diary so that reception can follow up the next morning.
  • To ensure you are aware who is duty manager on call overnight and note the telephone number. Reception will advise who is on call for maintenance and you are required to obtain authorisation from the duty manager before calling maintenance. Reception will also advise whether any overnight work is due to take place, such as kitchen deep clean, carpet cleaning or maintenance work in the building.
  • To answer any telephone calls, transferring calls as required.
  • To ensure the duty manager is made aware of any disturbances, issues that may require immediate attention, or any details that require the duty manager to follow up the next day.
  • To be aware of how the pool alarm operates/resets, how the fire alarm operates/resets and the location of the zones for the fire alarm.
  • To clean all areas in main building as per suggested cleaning routine.
  • To ensure Leisure Centre building is secure once guests and staff have left (including cellar door once entertainer packed up gear).
  • To check that cookers have been turned off in main kitchen
  • To check CCTV camera at rear of building for any unexpected vehicle movements.
  • Report maintenance faults to maintenance for the morning.
  • Request cleaning products from housekeeping when required.

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