Kansas Locations: Guymon, Garden City, Liberal


  1. Minimum of two years' experience in computer and network troubleshooting.
  2. Proficient with Microsoft Office 2010-2019, Windows 10.
  3. Can work after 5pm when needed during weekdays.
  4. Possesses and maintains good physical stamina and mental health.
  5. Must be a licensed driver with an automobile that is insured in accordance with state and or organization requirements and is in good working order.
  6. Is self-directed with the ability to work with little supervision.
  7. Is flexible and cooperative in fulfilling all obligations.
  8. Excellent observation and communication skills.


  1. Maintains a standard of data security and integrity at all costs within HIPAA and Company Security policy guidelines.
  2. Troubleshoots and resolves employee problems relating to information technology.
  3. Completes projects assigned by the IT Administrator.
  4. Observes and follow all IT procedures and policies.
  5. Travel onsite when warranted to troubleshoot, repair, install or maintain information technology.
  6. Isolate IT problems reported by employees and discover and implement a resolution within the company policy guidelines.
  7. Communicates concerns, suggestions and resolutions to the IT Administrator.
  8. Add, remove, and change users as needed to give permissions to ONLY those areas needed by the employee.
  9. Be patient and courteous to all employees requesting assistance.
  10. Properly maintain assigned company vehicle.
  11. Responsible for maintaining and tracking all tools provided by the company.
  12. Maintains confidentially of all of company policies, procedures and activities.
  13. Ensures continuity and security of all data contained in the network system.
  14. Maintain all IT equipment to the highest standards.

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