MediaHQ is trusted by thousands of communication and PR professionals to provide up-to-date media contacts, to get their story to the right person first time, every time. Hundreds of customers now use our media intelligence and press release sharing platform. 

Here at MediaHQ, we pride ourselves on our strong innovation record grounded in a great product. Our ethos is that our products must always strive to make our customers work life easier and feel better about themselves. We identify those emotions in every point of contact. 


We’re looking for a Junior Product Manager to be part of our diverse team. We’re looking for someone who is driven, motivated and creative. Ability to work as part of a team is a must have. But you must also enjoy taking on projects and working autonomously, knowing when to ask for the support of your teammates. 

Are you looking for a new challenge full of variety and a wide range of responsibilities? This is a great opportunity for someone to gain experience in a fast-moving and exciting environment. 

Here’s how you know you’ll be a good fit. 

Do you have: 

  • An interest in learning our product inside out.
  • A proven curiosity about everything ‘web’.
  • Knowledge of and interest in SaaS product development.
  • Knowledge of Front End technologies – JavaScript , CSS, HTML, JS frameworks (eg. AngularJS, React ).  
  • Some knowledge of web development frameworks - Symfony, Python etc.
  • Some knowledge of database technologies - MYSQL, Elastic etc. 
  • Knowledge of UX and UI design for web apps.
  • Some knowledge of Product Ops - integration of tools and business processes to support our Sales, Marketing, Customer Success and Research teams. (eg. Pipedrive CRM, Pendo, Motamo, Mailchimp / Sendgrid, Wordpress, Zapier / APIs etc.)  
  • Knowledge of and interest in data analytics. 
  • Experience working in a busy environment.
  • Excellent communication skills. 
  • English, as a working language, to a high level of proficiency.

The role will focus on and include: 

  • Contributing to User/Customer Research.
  • Working with User Behaviour Analytics - providing insights to all teams
  • Contributing to design of new product features. 
  • Writing specification documents for new features.
  • Working with an outsourced development team to fix bugs, maintain our product and deliver new features. 
  • Acceptance testing for new features.
  • Working with our marketing team to contribute to launch of new features.
  • Assisting our Customer Support and Success team dealing with technical customer support queries.
  • Assisting in Product Ops - working across all teams to ensure the tech stacks required for each function are properly integrated with our product and business processes. 

Remote Work

We offer remote work for the right candidate but it will require you to keep office working hours from 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. (all times IST). 


Please apply with your CV (no more than two pages). We also require a short cover letter (max one page). Please, no stock cover letters. Let us know:

  1. Why you want to be a Product Manager.
  2. Why you want to work for MediaHQ.
  3. Mention some demonstrable web app projects you’ve worked on (projects from college or other jobs). You will not be writing code in this role but a knowledge and understanding of the technologies used to build modern web apps is essential. 

Reply with your CV and Cover Letter before 12pm IST on Wednesday August 12th 2020

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