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Instructs children in activities designed to promote social and emotional, physical, and intellectual growth with a focus on school readiness

1.       Participates in the annual self-assessment process.

2.      Has an understanding of Child Outcomes and procedures, to include but not limited to, the current ongoing development assessment program used by MOCA Head Start.

3.      Assists in daily preparation of center prior to children’s arrival.

4.      Assists in planning daily indoor and outdoor activities.

5.      Plans or assists in planning individual and group activities to stimulate growth in language, social, emotional, and motor skills such as learning to listen to instructions, playing with others, and using play equipment.

6.      Provides activities to teach children of health and safety including the practices of personal cleanliness, brushing teeth and self-care.

7.      Help children develop self-help skills.

8.      Actively involved with serving and eating meals with children, modeling appropriate table manners, and holding conversations.

9.      Assists in planning weekly nutritional and health activities.

10.   Assists with preparation of lesson plans.  

11.    Assists with arrangements for appropriate field trips for children, following field trip procedures.

12.   Ensures all screenings and follow-ups are complete and documented on enrolled children.

13.   Follow procedure for making necessary referrals, follow-up and documentation.

14.   Assists with planning goals, along with staff and Head Start Families, and incorporates weekly routines and experiences in the lesson plan that assists in achieving the goals, ensuring that IEP goals are included as applicable.

15.   Assist with establishing goals with parent input for each child and maintains adequate development assessment documentation.

16.   Assist in completing two in-home visits and two parent/teacher conferences for each enrolled child.

17.    Uses positive reinforcement and promotes positive self-esteem, when working with the children, families and staff members.

18.   Documents, records and informs staff of observations and information they have been privy to and which might affect a child in the Early Head Start Program.

19.   Helps to ensure that child incident, child health concerns, and child abuse and neglect reports are submitted, as needed, utilizing agency website.

20.  Assists with child recruitment.

21.   Assists staff recruiting prospective families and volunteers for Head Start.

22.  Assist with recruiting, training and directing activities of volunteers.

23.   Assists with parent, families and community in obtaining in-kind contributions for the center.

24.  May be assigned as classroom supervisor in the absence of the Teacher.

25.   Perform other duties and tasks as assigned or needed.

26.  Assists to ensure needed forms are completed and entered into the data tracking system.

27.   Assist families in acquiring medical and dental services.

28.  Assist to establish and maintain accurate health and social services records for each family.

29.  Assist families to identify interests, concerns and strengths.

30.  Support families to develop skills needed to achieve their goals.

31.   Assist families in accessing a current directory of community resources.

32.   Assist to link families to community providers

33.   Assist in following procedures for making necessary referrals, follow-up and documentation.

34.  Assist parents in conducting meetings and functioning as a committee.

35.   Assist in coordinating and/or conduct education opportunities for parents and volunteers.

36.  Provides and Maintains appropriate welcoming environment and atmosphere where infants and toddlers are accepted and respected as individuals

37.   Shares janitorial responsibility duties on site/center for the purpose of maintaining a clean, safe working environment inside and out for all.

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