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NinjaRMM is killing it! We’re upending the market for Remote Monitoring & Management tools with a modern platform our legacy competition can’t match. In less than four years, we’ve grown from a small founding team to a global team of 80 with triple-digit revenue growth, and a steadfast mission to empower managed services providers (MSPs) worldwide. 

To scale up, we’re seeking an amazing Director of Marketing in Downtown San Francisco!

In this role, you would be responsible for building our marketing team with a focus on content marketing, paid advertising, conversion optimization, database development and nurturing, international expansion, conversion optimization and a range of deep analytics. You would report to the Chief Executive Officer while managing a team of three -- growing to ten.

Your responsibilities will span many marketing channels and functions, and you may not be an expert in all of them. But we expect you will have deep expertise in roughly half that scope, while ready to learn the rest in partnership with our expert advisors. 

What You’ll Do 

● Lead and manage. First and foremost, you will inspire a team of marketers, providing them with clarity on priorities, removing barriers and ensuring strong execution. As a true leader, your sleeves will be so rolled up you’re basically wearing a tank top. 

● Crunch the numbers. You’ll analyze marketing data until your head hurts, but it won’t hurt soon because your head is really good at math and stuff. You will instill a rigorous analytical ethic in your team, by showing them how a boss gets it done.

● Content marketing. You’ll manage a team that creates and promotes nutritious, yet delicious, content. Leveraging our domain expertise and primary data, you’ll deliver powerful evergreen content that never stops blowing minds. 

● Know your customer. Through rigorous analysis of both quantitative data (e.g. Google Analytics) and qualitative insights (e.g. surveys and interviews), you will know what makes these folks tick, and serve them accordingly. 

● Plan, budget and manage. We’ve got a sizable performance marketing spend across Google, Facebook, et. al., as well as investments in conversion optimization and email nurturing. You will own that spend and the funnel -- from click to sale.

Who You Are

● Done this before. We think experience is best measured in results and intensity (not years), but you need to have been in this digital game a while. You also need to have meaningful experience leading a similar-size team. We’re thinking five to ten years.

● Master classer. It’s tough to manage sophisticated roles like PPC advertising if you haven’t mastered them yourself. We’re looking for someone who crushed it as an individual contributor, and whose skill set has not eroded as they became a manager.

● Heavy toolbelt. You know your way around Google Search Console, Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook Ads Manager, website optimization tools and/or marketing automation systems. You understand how they work in detail, and can show your team a thing or two. 

● Beloved leader. Leadership is a calling for you and you know how to manage employees of all types. You possess empathy for each of your team members, but hold them, and yourself, to the highest standards.

● Efficient executer. Simply put, you get s#*t done, and done well. You’re organized, prioritized and agile, and you can teach your team how to do the same for themselves. You have a track record of accomplishments that demonstrate this. 

About NinjaRMM

NinjaRMM is the world’s first security-centric remote monitoring and management platform. Ninja touts an amazing user experience, 360-degree monitoring, an IT marketplace and tight integrations with products used by Managed Service Providers as well as IT professionals. For more information, please visit

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