If you enjoy Linux, cloud computing, virtualization, network design, as well cyber and cloud security, NinjaRMM, LLC has opened up a new opportunity to join our cloud, infrastructure, and security team in Houston, TX.


NinjaRMM, LLC is a leading remote monitoring and management SaaS tool that helps IT consulting companies more effectively manage their customers. Founded in 2013, we have an intuitive UX and many features which provide an exceptional user experience.


Our CEO has been named one of the top 25 innovators for 2020, and is a member of the CompTIA Business Applications Advisory Council. Check here and here.


One of our major recent accomplishments is the release of our new Data Protection Service, check here.


As a part of this core information technology team, you will directly contribute to the user experience of our 4000+ customers across the Managed-Service-Provider space and in enterprise/corporate IT shops.


Challenges we are looking for you to help own and solve include:

·      application+systems integrated performance and reliability

·      tunable infrastructure and systems

·      a multi-layered approach to data privacy and information security

·      automation that achieves greater quality, velocity, and repeatability


In other words, we want you to help us in attaining an infrastructure architecture that is designed for reliability, scalability, and security.


Expertise and skills that will help you in your journey include:

·      Proficiency in one or more of the Linux kernel subsystems [network stack, virtual memory, I/O and filesystems, etc], as this will help you in diagnosing and tuning the OS for the application components

·      Some level of coding, as we sometimes integrate tools into the OS which may require compiling of code for a given platform

·      A strong understanding of network design and principles, as this is ultimately the super-highway connecting our customers to our platform (and sometimes we get thrown slowdowns and unexpected construction blockades)

·      Knowledge and experience with low-level OS and network security hardening

·      A desire for, and a proven record, of effective communication, as everything we do is a collaboration with leaders, teams, individuals, our service providers, and each other

·      And a core foundation of project and time management, as understanding how dependencies and schedules effect each other impacts the final delivered solution


Contact us if you would like to learn more about this opportunity at Ninja, as we would love the opportunity to discuss it with you.

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