Nurse Liaison Home Care

East Syracuse, NY, United States Full Time

Salary: 72,000

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Job Description:

The Nurse Liaison is a clinical liaison position between health care providers to ensure continuity of care for patients transitioning from a facility to home care.

The position has two separate and distinct general responsibilities:

Transitioning to Home Care. Following the receipt of a valid referral for home health directly communicating with and assessing the patient to improve the patient’s transition from the inpatient to the home setting

Increasing referrals from the facility. Establishing, growing, and maintaining relationships with facility-based referral sources including; Case Managers, Social Workers and Physicians.

After a patient has been identified for home care the Nurse Liaison

Visits the patient onsite to review the physician order, assess the patient’s clinical needs and gather clinical information.

Uses a Point of Service computer application to collect referred patient data onsite and transmit it to the agency.

Facilitates patient involvement in his or her own care by providing education and obtaining the necessary information required for successful transition to home.

The Nurse Liaison has a strong focus to help reduce ACH 30 day - hospitalizations.


Registered professional nurse with NYS licensure

Bachelor’s Degree in nursing is preferred

Two years of community health/home care, hospital, or equivalent Home Care Coordinator or Liaison experience

Excellent interpersonal communication skills

Preferred experience -sales, marketing, customer service


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