Family Resource Specialist (**Deadline to Apply: February 24, 2020)

Greene County Center, Springfield, MO


Full-Time (40 hrs) M-F 8:00-5:00

OACAC is seeking qualified candidates for a Family Resource Specialist position. The Family Resource Specialist is responsible for the implementation of projects operated by the agency and referrals to other agencies in the community to provide family strengthening activities that would help consumers move toward self-sufficiency. $10.49/hr. Benefits. EOE


HS Diploma/GED


Resume and cover letter


Case management experience, Outreach Experience

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1. Applications are only accepted if an advertised position is available. If a position is available in a county center, the address for that location will be listed in the advertisement. Application and updated resume must be received in our office by the deadline or the application will not be considered. 2. The application must be filled out entirely. Do not use "see resume." 3. If you are applying for a Head Start position you must complete the Declaration Form for Prospective Employees of Head Start. All applicants must complete the Missouri Family Care Safety Registry Worker Registration Form.


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Declaration Form for prospective employees of Head Start programs

Federal policies require that Head Start agencies require all prospective employees to sign a declaration prior to employment which lists: 1. All pending and prior criminal arrests and charges related to child sexual abuse and their disposition 2. Convictions related to other forms of child abuse and/or neglect 3. All convictions of violent felonies The declaration may exclude: 1. Any offense other than one related to child abuse and/or child sexual abuse or violent felonies committed before the prospective employee's 18th birthday, which was finally adjudicated in a juvenile court or under a youth offender law 2. Any conviction for which the record has been expunged under Federal or State law 3. Any conviction set aside under the Federal Youth Correction Act or similar State authority Note that individuals who declare through this form that they have been arrested, charged with, or convicted of any of the offenses listed above are not automatically disqualified from being hired. OACAC must review each case to assess the relevance of an arrest, charge, or conviction to a hiring decision.