ScuolaZoo is the digital media company of OneDay Group focusing on GenZ. For 12 years we have been inspiring, informing and entertaining Italian students. As of today, we are the most accredited influencer for our target, communicating online with 90% of it.

Being a part of the ScuolaZoo Team means:

  • contributing to the growth of a love brand able to take more than 12k young adults on vacation each year and to sit by more than 420k students during the academic year thanks to our School Diaries;
  • working with the main experts on GenZ and Millenials targets in Italy. It is in fact in our nature to keep the pace with innovation and keep learning through change;
  • joining a team who believes in impeccable execution (not just big ideas!). We think fast and act faster, provide continuous and honest feedbacks and work by trial and error, always pushing ourselves and striving to think out of the box;
  • getting out of your comfort zone and facing greater challenges everyday. In ScuolaZoo career paths are straightforward and we aim for fast professional growth for our people
  • being a part of an extraordinary Team. We like to work hard and we celebrate each success! We don’t settle for less than we strive to deliver and we feel the responsibility of influencing and affecting a whole generation.

We are looking for an experienced and versatile Marketing Manager to join our Revenue Team and drive the sales of the Company. Our ideal candidate is a ninja who thinks outside the box and is able to manage the team throughout the development and execution of online and offline campaigns aimed at increasing the sales of our main product lines: Travels, Shop and Events. He/She is data driven and an expert of Social Media.

Main responsibilities include:

  • Contributing to the development and execution of our marketing strategy integrating with our Community’s Tone of Voice (content is the new marketing);
  • Overseeing the marketing funnel to better our conversion rate for each product line;
  • Contributing to the setup of our offline brand activation unit;
  • Overseeing the Social Media channels of ScuolaZoo aligning with our content strategy;
  • Overseeing the Customer Experience on our digital platform to drive continuous improvement; 
  • Contributing to product development, starting from the analysis of our customers’ behavior;
  • Coordinating and mentoring the Marketing Team. 

  • Qualifications: 
  • At least 3 years of experience in managing Marketing Teams and/or Project Management, preferably in a satartup or digital environment; 
  • Experience in development and execution of Marketing Plans;
  • Deep knowledge of digital and inbound marketing techniques; 
  • Growth Hacking attitude and background.

What we offer: 

  • Entrepreneurial spirit: we believe in autonomy and objectives! How you’ll reach your targets is entirely up to you; 
  • Flexible working hours: badging is ancient history to us!
  • Networking: within our Group there are other communication ninjas. Connecting with them and sharing best practices will speed up your growth;
  • OneDay Welfare: being people centric means to us happy team members. For instance we offer: bonus on parenting and marriage, partnerships on first house buying, phone credit, two free vacations per year, free breakfast and fresh fruit, a creative office, informal training and periodic networking appointments;
  • Acceleration: our work together will be aimed at pushing your professional development. 

What we look for:

  • Enough experience to be autonomous in strategic planning and operational execution. We are expecting for you to bring value;
  • Effective communication towards internal and external stakeholders;
  • Workload management for you and your team, organized mind and strong attitude to time management; 
  • Strong fit with ScuolaZoo target and products;
  • Leadership skills;
  • Ability to execute within deadlines;  
  • Obsession with details and a strive for excellence. We look for an A/B testing approach enthusiast; 
  • Quick execution not to lose our time to market; 
  • Data driven mentality.

We are honest since the very beginning: our selection process is going to entail quite an investment of your time. Commitment and the delivery of at least two business cases, a work with document, at least three interviews to test your motivation and hard skills as well as a day with us will be required. Only 2% of application reach the final steps of our selection process.

You can apply here or send a WhatsApp to Lorenzo 345-7566967.

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