We are looking for an exceptional web developer to join our team that is building a number of data driven visualisations, dashboards and administrative systems. This position requires a self-driven engineer with great initiative and a good understanding of JavaScript data visualisation technologies from graphs to geographical mapping.

If you're interested in being a part of a team developing commercial-grade, realtime control centre dashboards, this could be a project for you.

If possible, please include a portfolio of work that showcases your ability to create great web-based user interfaces (e.g. live web-sites, portfolio page with screenshots, Github link, etc).

Your Responsibilities

  • Architect and implement dashboards with real time graphs, charts and maps that can work on a variety of screen sizes.
  • Build administrative web applications to help customers to manage their system.
  • Build internal web tools to assist multiple teams throughout the organisation, be it QA, Digital Cartography, etc.
  • Ensure that best practices are followed throughout the software development process, that a suitable level of tests are created per feature and that reliable, proven libraries are utilised where necessary

Your Minimum Skills

  • 1 year experience minimum with VueJS is a big advantage
  • Experience with JavaScript frameworks/libraries such as Angular and React is also valuable
  • 5+ years of experience in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (ES6)
  • Experience with tools / frameworks such as Jest / Mocha / Chai / Puppeteer or similar
  • Comprehensive understanding of RESTful services
  • Ability to rapidly prototype ideas to UI / UX mockups
  • Ability to write clean, well structured UI code
  • Experience working in an Agile / Scrum centred organisation
  • Demonstrated ability to work on small, focused teams to complete critical milestones under pressure with tight deadlines
  • Drive to take initiative and own issues
  • Passion for quality and attention to detail for pixel perfect screens

Nice To Have

  • Knowledge of responsive design and device targeting
  • Knowledge of Chart.js, d3.js or similar JavaScript visualisation libraries
  • Experience with Java
  • Experience with Git
  • Experience with Web Sockets and client side storage solutions
  • Experience with Webpack
  • Experience with NodeJS / Express
  • Experience with scripting languages such as Python, etc
  • Portfolio of impressive visualisations hooked into feeds presenting real time data


Bachelors Degree, or equivalent work experience.

About Over-C

Over-C is a digital innovation and transformation company, disrupting the way companies manage operations, customers and employees in real-times, from offices in London and Cork. We utilise cool technologies such as GPS, NFC and Bluetooth beacons to collect data on mobile devices and use machine learning and analytics to interpret the value and outcomes. We then visualise this information using the latest technologies in an engaging, attractive and easy to understand way.

Over-C is a dynamic and happy workplace and the team has huge energy and passion for our products and our customers. We have some big, audacious goals and we require more talented people to join the team. Together, we are committed to building something amazing.


Salary and benefits are commensurate with your experience HOWEVER we are looking for the very best so with Over-C you can earn what you're worth. We will provide you with both autonomy and the opportunity to have a great work-life balance. You will have total freedom in how you do your job and the very best equipment to work with.

We are not looking for remote candidates to fill this position at present. Successful candidates will work from our Cork office on a full-time basis.

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