A.   Background

In response to the forest fires in the Brazilian Amazon, Rainforest Alliance mobilized a broad network of partners to fight the ongoing destruction of this ecosystem and committed to redirecting the donated funds to frontline groups in the Brazilian Amazon to carry out actions to defend the Amazon and advance indigenous rights.  

These partners have been carrying out activities in 12 prioritized areas focused on fire reduction, alert system for fire and deforestation reduction, strengthening forest management, communication campaign against deforestation, support to indigenous communities among others.

This consultancy is needed to support these activities in the Amazon by ensuring participation relevant events, meetings with partners, develop a roadmap, carry out research, support other fundraising, logistics, training and monitoring activities among others.

B.   Objectives:

1.    Represent Rainforest Alliance in external meetings with stakeholders

2.    Support Rainforest Alliance to build a roadmap and ground the general strategic ideas for the Amazon work in Brazil

3.    Provide support for Rainforest Alliance staff on Amazon-related activities

C.   Tasks:

1)    Represent Rainforest Alliance in External meetings with stakeholders

  1. Participate in monthly meetings with iCS and the Amazon Alliance members
  2. Attend 2 in-person meetings/year with each of our Amazon Alliance partners
  3. Attend invitations to relevant events that could help us build relationships and grounds for our work in Brazil
  4. Perform meeting with partners when needed

2)    Support Rainforest Alliance to build the Roadmap and ground the general strategic ideas for the Amazon work in Brazil

  1. Engage in internal meetings with Rainforest Alliance experts
  2. Provide relevant information, insights and reports
  3. Collaborate with internal experts in building a roadmap document with more detailed information and guidance of RA’s next steps in Brazil

3)    Provide support for RA staff on Amazon-related demands such as:

  1. Specific Amazon campaigns or fundraising efforts
  2. Monitor policy and political developments – Provide a monthly summary + share information on urgent matters
  3. Logistics around possible visits for RA staff, board members, donors and others
  4. Provide internal training and knowledge sharing to help the country director and her team in evolving their knowledge on relevant themes
  5. Be responsible for researching, reporting and writing policy briefs, essays, articles and relevant material, according to the organizational needs


D.   Deliverables: 

1.    Minutes of all the meetings and events the consultant participates and definition of next steps for RA

2.    Draft roadmap for RA review

3.    Final roadmap approved by RA

4.    Monthly summary of policy and political development monitoring

5.    At least 2 trainings carried out on relevant themes agreed upon with RA

6.    Detail of logistic support provided during visits to Brazil

7.    One policy brief/position paper for the Amazon region published

8.    Essays, policy briefs, articles and other written material by demand

E.    Level of effort:

The consultancy period is from August – December 2020.

F.    Requirements

  • At least 10 years of experience in natural resources management, forestry, biology or related field
  • Knowledge of the current situation in the Brazilian amazon
  • Previous experience in working in the Amazon region
  • Experience in working with indigenous people, quilombolas and/or other traditional communities
  • Experience with public policy for the region is a differential
  • Excellent writing, editing and verbal communication skills
  • Written and verbal proficiency in English
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Ability to travel nationally to the prioritized areas – Due to pandemic travels are currently suspended and will only be re-started if the pandemic is controlled in Brazil

G.   Application process

Applicants are requested to submit the following documents by no later than 6th of July 2020.

  • A covering letter, of no more than 2 pages, which provides a summary of the consultant’s relevant experience, expertise and contacts
  • Updated CV
  • Technical proposal indicating a draft work plan, methodology, timelines, etc.
  • Economic proposal, which details hour/daily rates and time investment per deliverable and expenses.

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