Must Live in LA, Be a US Citizen, Pass Background and Drug Test

Be a Part of Team Deploying Voting Machines in LA County

Available to Work October 19th to November 3rd, 2020

Must have valid driver's license, and motorcycle or vehicle (mileage travel reimbursed).

Included will be 2 days of training that you will be paid for. Before assignment starts. Excellent communications skills, and be presentable, work with general public.

Overall Description of Work:  

* Provide trained staff that can assist and troubleshoot issues during related to:

* FST duties

* BMDs - Ballot Marking Devices

* ePollbooks/BAMs

* Basic Router troubleshooting


* Chain of Custody

* Election Overview

* User credentials and provisioning

* AWS Connect/Call Flow

* Record Wait Time on RRCC application

* Record Ballot Inventory through CoC dashboard - Chain of Custody

* Record incidents in Cherwell

* Record dispatch activities in Workforce or an AT&T provided platform that provides dashboard visibility

* Coordinate setup and breakdown equipment as needed based on SMMT setup processes

Coordinate with the IT and Election Ops Call Center Skill groups as necessary

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