Should Spider Man have a hyphen in his name? Do you know how many “e”s are in Wookiee and “y”s are in Kashyyyk? Is it spelled “Darkside” or “Darkseid”? If these are the kind of pop culture facts you know by heart, then this might be the job for you!


Sideshow is looking for an assistant copy editor with an eye for detail and a passion for pop culture. This position will join a team of writers and editors dedicated to producing copy and content that furthers Sideshow’s goal of connecting with a global community of fans and serving as a reliable and robust resource for pop culture news and collectibles.


The ideal candidate will be responsible for assisting the Content Team to maintain the brand integrity and overall tone of Sideshow’s voice through written channels including, but not limited to, the blog, press releases, and site copy. Candidates should have a strong command of English grammar and writing conventions, an active knowledge of best SEO practices, and impeccable organization skills.




  • Proofread and provide editing on copy used in Sideshow blogs, press releases, emails, and other outlets. Eliminate any spelling, grammar, and formatting errors that might occur. Rewrite text for clarity where necessary.
  • Fact-check written content to ensure licensor compliance and overall accuracy of information.
  • Format posts and media uploads in Wordpress to maximize SEO potential as well as ADA compliance.
  • Maintain voice consistency and integrity of written content from multiple contributors both internal and freelance.
  • Assist Content team members with completion of Sideshow solicitation blogs and other written items related to the marketing and business side of the site.
  • Review multimedia/scripted content including podcasts and videos to ensure submissions meet Sideshow’s standards for presentation.
  • Other duties as assigned.



  • Excellent knowledge of English grammar and spelling, familiarity with AP/Chicago style conventions. 
  • Strong written communication skills and an understanding of good SEO practices.
  • Efficient self-review and time management capabilities are a must.
  • An interest in general pop culture, both classic and contemporary.
  • The ability to adapt and adhere to the tone and spelling requirements for multiple licensors, including properties like Marvel, DC, and Star Wars.
  • Must play well with others. Be gracious and helpful when giving and receiving notes from team members.



Not Required, but a Plus:

  • Familiarity with writing and formatting in Wordpress.
  • Experience with Google Docs, Basecamp, or other online productivity tools.
  • Familiarity with web accessibility guidelines (ADA/WCAG).
  • Degree in journalism, English, or a related field.



Position Details

  • Full-time position with benefits. (401k, Profit Sharing Plan)
  • Expected salary 42-45k/year, depending on experience
  • Local preferred, but telecommuting option available. Potential for in-person meetings in our Thousand Oaks, CA headquarters.
  • Applicants will undergo background, credit, and security check.
  • Relocation assistance is NOT available.
  • Submit your résumé with references.


About Sideshow

Pop Culture is Our Culture:


In 1994, Sideshow embarked on a mission of connecting people with their favorite characters and icons from the worlds of film, television, comic books and popular culture. Today, we are a specialty manufacturer and distributor of the most highly sought-after licensed and original collectible products, sustained by a passionate worldwide community that is committed to the lifestyle of collecting figure art. Our headquarters are located in Thousand Oaks, California.

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