About Steer73 

Steer73 are a Digital Transformation Agency. We work with a wide variety of clients to understand their needs, shape their product and to deliver the development work. In many cases we are the client’s in-house product, design and development team. 

Our HQ is in London, UK. We have teams in Ukraine and India, plus people working in various other locations around the world. We are a modern business that benefits from a remote and distributed global team.


The role 

Steer73 is building out our app development capabilities with a primary focus on Xamarin. We use Xamarin Forms as well as Xamarin iOS / Android, and also build apps for Windows using UWP and WPF. We are looking for an app developer to join a small team specialising in this area, but with experience with back-end development (think APIs that power the apps) too. 

You'll be an experienced, level-headed team-player with great communication skills who believes in influence over authority and cares about quality.  

You will be adaptable and dynamic, enjoying working across a range of projects, sectors and types of product, sometimes juggling several key responsibilities. You’ll have the curiosity and obsession with learning that means no challenge is too big, while your attention to detail means everyone is confident in your delivery. Your experience and understanding of business operations will lend itself to commercial projects. 

You’re probably seen as the ‘go to person’ by your colleagues because you are knowledgeable, helpful and respectful. You’ll care deeply about standards and constantly seek out opportunities to improve the quality and quantity. 

Note: This is a permanent role and we’re looking for someone who’s comfortable working UK office hours.


Technologies you will be working with:

  • Xamarin (Forms, iOS, Android) 
  • XAML (and other UI / layout technologies) 
  • Microsoft .Net Core / Framework 
  • C# (and a bit of Javascript) 
  • Databases (SQLite, Azure SQL Database, CosmosDB, EF Core) 
  • ASP.Net Web API and MVC 
  • Dependency injection (eg ninject) 
  • App frameworks (eg Prism) 
  • Unit testing and test automation 
  • MS Visual Studio App Center / Azure DevOps (build pipelines, testing tools, diagnostics / analysis)

Key tasks 

On a typical day, in addition to implementing user stories agreed with clients, you may also be: 

  • Working with product managers to refine and agree scope and detail of tasks 
  • Writing automated unit and integration tests 
  • Relying on a solid understanding of development patterns and practices to produce clean, testable, maintainable code 
  • Actively contributing to the team's commitment to continuous improvement 
  • Setting up and maintaining deployment environments for production and development systems 
  • Understanding and addressing performance concerns 
  • Developing efficient and robust data and application state models 
  • Developing secure, reliable solutions informed by up-to-date best practices 
  • Contributing to onboarding resources for new team members 
  • Responding to customer incidents and resolving service-affecting issues 


Company culture 

Steer73 is a small company and an important factor in our hiring is finding people who share our values and who will thrive in our business. 

We have a flat management structure and we look for people who want to get things done, are comfortable making decisions, take ownership of their roles, and want to progress. 

Joining Steer73 offers you the opportunity to work on high-profile and meaningful projects for a wide range of clients and industries, as part of a company with cross sectoral expertise.

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