About Steer73

Steer73 are a Digital Transformation Agency. We work with a wide variety of clients to understand their needs, shape their product and to deliver the development work. In many cases we are the client’s in-house product, design and development team. 

Our HQ is in London, UK. We have teams in Ukraine and India, plus people working in various other locations around the world. We are a modern business that benefits from a remote and distributed global team.

The role

As a Senior Product Manager you will be expected to lead all product work on several projects. You will lead the investigation and ideation phases, as well as the composition of the product solution. You will be the primary company representative to the client and lead all non-commercial communication. You must be a confident and articulate communicator, conveying the value the company brings to our clients.

You will be confident of making decisions, explaining your processes and thoughts both internally to the team and to our clients, and have experience of consultative agency approaches, where we need to lead the client and not the other way around. 

You will work with the Managing Director where required, and work with a Product Manager to understand the needs of the client, gather the requirements for not just what they say they want, but what they really need. You’ll guide the product team and contribute the internal development of the product team skill sets.  

Working alongside the Managing Director and Product Director you will attend client meetings to discuss the product needs and the proposed solution; including market forces, the company pain points, marketing of the product and overall strategy of the company and the specific product. 

You’ll feed this information back to the clients and confirm all assumptions and hypotheses. Experience of leading product designers and graphic designers would be beneficial. 

You will oversee the Product Managers and Product Owners to make sure they deliver the build process, using Scrum, Kanban or Waterfall methodologies. You will work closely with the QA team to ensure the right quality of product is delivered. 

You will be responsible for estimation of work and the communication of the work, stories and tickets to the development team in a clear and unambiguous way.

You will be working on 3 to 4 client projects at a time, which whilst interesting will also be demanding, and you’ll need be able to clearly prioritise your time and efforts. 

Sounds interesting? It is. Sounds challenging? It really is!

Key tasks

You should have a good knowledge of all product management processes. You should be able to:  

·        Extract client requirements from unclear instructions  

·        Intelligently discuss the client’s product and company strategy in order to lead the client and the product team solution.  

·        Be familiar with greenfield ideation projects, and comfortable working on early stage conceptually fluid projects  

·        Drive action within the product team and the projects you lead 

·        Aim to simplify the proposal rather than complicate the product  

·        Understand the decisions that needs to be made and what information is the minimum requirement for those decisions 

·        Drive best practice through your projects and team 

·        Present clearly and dynamically to clients 

·        Manage project deliverables, including resource planning, project velocity and juggling of competing deadlines 

You should be very comfortable producing the below yourself or assisting the product team on each of the following:  

·        Documenting meeting outcomes and actions 

·        Analysing client requirements 

·        Documenting client requirements 

·        Writing user stories from documented requirements 

·        Writing acceptance criteria and definition of done for user stories 

·        Managing Scrum and using project management tools (e.g. Azure Devops) 

·        Managing Waterfall, Kanban or Agile workflows 

·        Developing wireframes 

·        Creating user flows, and lifecycles 

·        Creating user types and personas  

·        Researching competitors and competitor products 

·        Conducting end user research 

·        Manually testing acceptance criteria from user stories 

·        Working with product managers to refine and agree scope and detail of tasks 

·        Helping a product team with product related work as necessary  

Key skills 

You will need to be able to deliver accurate and detailed documentation, and your skills will reflect this. 

Essential Skills 

·        Excellent written and verbal communication 

·        Highly analytical 

·        Excellent attention to detail 

·        Full SDLC experience 

·        Knowledge of Agile Scrum / Kanban 

·        Ability to write user stories 

·        Ability to write acceptance criteria 

·        Wireframing 

·        QA testing  

Desirable Tools 

  • Azure Devops 
  • Excel, Word, PowerPoint 
  • Wireframing tools 

More about the company 

Steer73 is a small company and an important factor in our hiring is finding people who share our values and who will thrive in our business. 

We have a flat management structure and we look for people who want to get things done, are comfortable making decisions, take ownership of their roles, and want to progress. 

Joining Steer73 offers you the opportunity to work on high-profile and meaningful projects for a wide range of clients and industries, as part of a company with cross sectoral expertise. 

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