Who We Are

The Water Project unlocks human potential by building and connecting global networks of local leaders, communities of generous supporters, and an informed public to provide sustainable water and sanitation programs to needlessly suffering communities in developing countries. We are committed to bringing people together to solve the problem of finding clean water. Whether it's our local teams in the field, our international staff, our donors and fundraisers, or the communities we serve - we believe that people are the greatest solution to the water crisis.

Our scrappy and dedicated staff thrives on collaboration with partners and volunteers. We inspire ideas and invent tools that equip our supporters to help people suffering needlessly without clean, safe water. We're a non-profit with the heart of a tech start-up. We tell stories. We strengthen partners. We build solutions. And we change lives, one village at a time.

We also want you and your family to thrive, so we offer competitive salaries, excellent benefits, including company-paid medical/dental/vision insurance, 401k match, and a great vacation policy (ask anyone!).

What The Role Is

The Water Project’s reporting is the heart of our relationships among community members in sub-Saharan Africa, local NGO partners, US-based TWP staff, and donors who work relentlessly to develop contextually appropriate solutions to the global water crisis. Each TWP project includes a series of reports that provide transparency and accountability, allowing us to monitor and evaluate the quality of work through photos and text. TWP reports are where we show our collaborative work and point to the power of people who build networks of trust necessary for true development. 

As a Program Reporting Services Officer, you will report to the Director of Program, and your work will be critical to the assembly and production of approximately 1,000 reports per year. Each project involves three main reports that share relational connection, context, and transparency for the process and quality of the work we do. These three main reports consist of 1) the “Initial Report” introducing the community or school, their situation, and the proposed intervention, 2) the “Final Report,” sharing the training and water point implementation process, and 3) the “Year After Report,” sharing first-hand quotes about the impact of the water point for the community and school.

This is a full-time, entry-level position.


Your responsibilities will include:

  • Quickly learn The Water Project’s specific reporting and data collection tools.
  • Write a high volume of reports.
  • High volume photo formatting for reports and other organizational applications.
  • Basic video editing and uploading to the report pages.
  • Organize photo folders on Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Maintain data alignment between shared Google Sheets and Salesforce.
  • Coordinate with Program Officers.
  • Report to the Director of Program.
  • The role may include administrative tasks in coordination with other departments within The Water Project team.


Your qualifications must include:

  • Basic computer skills including photo formatting and editing.
  • Clear writing and editing skills 

Who You Are

You love a repeatable process

You are a task-oriented person who does not mind working with the nuts and bolts to produce the reports that communicate what The Water Project is and stands for. The pictures, the quotes, and the details of each project are a critical part of the larger process that culminates in reliable clean water access. You are someone who can put your head down and get the job done.


You love to tell the stories of others

You get excited about the success of others. You are motivated by people who face intense obstacles in life and find a way to persevere. You are inspired by both possibilities and realities of what people can do and become when they are no longer suffering from waterborne sickness and when they are not required to spend hours every day finding water. You look for and find the positive in people and you believe that the world can learn so very much from the heroes in the communities where we are involved. You have a keen eye for examples of humanity at its best, yet you are wary of overgeneralization and romanticization of others. You strive to bring attention to the voices of people who are seldom heard, and you can integrate their quotes and stories into a clear, coherent written report.


You are a quick learner

You advocate for the goals, vision, and core values of The Water Project and can craft a report that accentuates organizational objectives. You learn formatting quickly, for writing and for photos. You are able to tell the big picture story through the specific lens of a community in Kenya, Uganda, or Sierra Leone. The beauty is in the details and you are excited to learn and share the details about every community represented in these reports. In both report-writing and in office relationships, you are observant and discerning.  


You are open to constructive criticism 

You recognize that the report is not about you. You trust your team enough to make changes to your work. You also trust your team enough to bring your gifts, ideas, and creativity to the table. You are a good listener and are committed to making our shared work a little bit better. You are a team player that appreciates the skills of others.


You communicate

You ask questions and welcome collaboration. You are brave enough to speak up when something seems a bit off in a report. You are comfortable working with computers. You are able to share information via email, Slack, Google Docs, Dropbox, and can learn other communication platforms too. You make sure that no report falls through the cracks, and if/when it does, you have the courage to communicate so that we can address the problem as a team.


You are a reliable team member

You realize that the work of The Water Project depends on the reliability of people and parts, from a seal in a hand-pump to the person who consistently gets the job done. You play an important role in an organization committed to addressing the global water crisis and find value in fulfilling these commitments. You show up and you get ‘er done. When you type, you type like the wind.

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The nature of this position requires exceptional coordination with our team in our New Hampshire Headquarters.