UpCloud's Data team is looking for an senior software engineer that can help us build and lead a team of talented people with a passion for data and analytics. You have a strong belief in automation and approach your work with an analytical, iterative mindset. Your opinion changes with new information.

Team Data provides UpCloud’s data warehousing, business intelligence and internal tools for data-related needs across our teams. We develop and maintain everything from data models to full suites of data-oriented tools and APIs that allows teams to collect, integrate and utilize data. Our team consists of a healthy mix of both frontend developers, designing and building our web-based applications, and backend developers, designing and building our data infrastructure, models, and APIs.

We also provide an in-house developed CRM and Business Intelligence platform, that allows data discovery regardless of technical expertise, two-way synchronization and integrations with third-party services, and the traditional ad-hoc financial reports requested by the teams.

The team is still in its early stages, so you will have a direct impact on not only our team, but UpCloud as a whole. We utilize a data-driven process to identify high impact opportunities that can be scalable in an automated fashion. And while we highly encourage automation, we understand the value of rolling up our sleeves and validating opportunities in a non-scalable fashion first.

This is a full-time position based in Helsinki, Finland, but remote work is highly welcome with multiple team members already working full-time remotely. And although we have team members across the globe, we make sure to get some facetime at least a few times each year by going on trips to exciting destinations such as San Francisco, London, Langkawi, Miami, Singapore, and many more!

Who you are

  • A technical lead that not only builds and develops amazing software, but also builds and develops a team of amazing and highly talented people from all walks of life.
  • Generous with your technical expertise by guiding the company with creative and innovative solutions that utilizes data in an effective and responsible manner.
  • Strong believer in earning trust through communication and transparency, by being consistent in your work and honest towards your peers.
  • Strong believer in automation and incremental gains, with a good understanding of fundamental algorithms and data structures.


  • Build, develop and maintain our data platform and infrastructure, including ingresses, load balancers, data streaming systems, databases, networking, etc.
  • Collaborate with other engineering teams by giving technical guidance or directly implementing solutions in joint projects across teams.
  • Plan and manage your own workload, based on goals defined together with the team, and usually in the form of 2-week sprints.
  • Help the team keep our eyes on the stars, but our feet on the ground.


  • Technical experience with PostgreSQL and timeseries data, preferably using TimescaleDB as most of our data is stored with it.
  • Technical experience with declarative infrastructure orchestration, preferably using Ansible and/or Terraform, and deployed with Docker Compose and/or Kubernetes.
  • Technical experience with logging and monitoring of a production environment, using self-hosted software such as Zabbix, Nagios, Prometheus, or similar.
  • Technical experience with Python, most of our software is written in it.
  • Proficient with ETL and DAG pipelines, using Airflow, n8n, Luigi, or similar.
  • Proficient with data visualization tools or libraries, such as Tableau, D3.js, or similar.

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