Our client RemedyBio, is at a very exciting stage of growth, and have a number of new opportunities that we now wish to help them fill.

RemedyBio Background

RemedyBio’s business is centred on commercially deploying our discovery capability, which forms the foundation of the current frontier of biological insight- understanding the myriad intricate interactions between the huge numbers of different cells involved in normal and disease states. These insights will yield a new paradigm for developing a whole range of entirely novel diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities.

Pandemic Response Platform, focusing on Covid-19

The RapCo-19 platform is designed to quickly prepare and process patient samples, identify the rarest B cells that produce highly potent antibodies against the SARS-CoV2 virus that causes Covid-19 illness, and then translate that discovery into a scalable, quickly deployable therapy. Once established to combat Covid-19, the platform can be quickly adapted to quickly rapidly counteract other infectious diseases.

Role Description

The primary role of this position is to manage and supervise all activities necessary to operate one or more research work settings such as a laboratory, clinic, field and/or other facilities (hereafter referred to as “laboratory”).


  • In-depth knowledge of research concepts, practices and procedures, laboratory operations, regulatory requirements, and planning and budgeting.
  • Extensive prior research planning and execution.
  • Facility planning and maintenance.
  • Inventory control, purchasing and maintenance of laboratory equipment.
  • Fiscal and administrative services.
  • Monitoring environmental risks and quality control.
  • Planning and scheduling work.
  • Determining staff assignments and training needs, and human resources management.

Minimum Requirements

  • Ph.D in a biology and/or engineering discipline with greater than 5 years relevant and demonstrable experience in a similar role or primary degree with greater than 10 years relevant experience.
  • Experience must include one or all of the following:
  • in-vitro viral cell based assays (including experience of mammalian cell culture)
  • work with patient-derived peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs)

Advantageous Experience

  • Building and managing research teams
  • Antibody and/or cell therapeutics track record
  • Knowledge of biologics manufacturing
  • Track record of setting up and validating laboratories
  • Preparing laboratory regulatory and safety documentation
  • Use of laboratory management systems and electronic notebooks

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