WeRoad is growing at rocket speed, and needs a Business Operations Graduate to support process and systems evolution, to validate or dismantle strategic hypotheses, and to lead our teams to success!

Hiring experienced managers from the outside is not our first choice: we prefer to find high potential individuals and let them explode in a few months through an ambitious and very (very) fast acceleration program, based on mentorship and training.

What will you do?

As a Business Operations Specialist you will be the reference point for your unit on three macro areas:


  • Continuously verifying the correspondence between current process and procedures and the team’s real way of working and needs;
  • Keeping your unit’s processes aligned with needs identifying and realizing process improvements and evolution.


  • Supervising and facilitating the execution on time of the tasks assigned to all team members, through a task management system (such as Trello or some innovation you will bring)
  • Continuously networking with team members to be continuously aligned with critical information ad needs, thus being able to move things forward


  • You will be your team’s reference point in the coordination of the implementation of data collection systems (eg. Google Analytics) and BI (eg. Google DataStudio) and you will aid the training of the team in the use of the data collected for continuous improvement of the business

We don’t expect you to have all these skills, none of your colleagues had them when they joined the team, what interests us is how you are exaggeratedly motivated to learn them!

What are we looking for?

  • NOT having had more than two work experiences after graduation
  • Bachelor’s / Master’s Degree in Engineering, Economics or equivalent
  • Excellent ability with data and business analysis, using for example tools like Excel or better Google Sheets
  • Strong analytical thinking
  • Business vision
  • Proactive and lateral approach to problem solving
  • Fluent in Italian and English
  • Desire to have a real impact and change the organization through you unique personal characteristics and skills

You will love working at WeRoad if:

  • You are ambitious and want to build and be part of something huge
  • You love travel and want to join a young, smart, and fun team of people who love it, too
  • You prefer adventure instead of daily routine and love working in a fast-paced, dynamic environment
  • You are an entrepreneur at heart and aren't afraid to get your hands dirty in order to get things done
  • You are a self-starter and aren't afraid to take on a lot of responsibility, right from the start
  • You welcome feedback and see mistakes as stepping stones to success
  • You want to grow faster than you ever thought possible, as a person and as a professional

What we offer:

  • A free WeRoad trip every year to the destination of your choice. You didn't think we'd leave you hanging, did we? Become one of our Coordinators and you could go even more often. And if that weren't enough, on top of your WeRoad trip you also get a free Travel4Target trip each year, too.
  • A great workspace. “C32” has an open space layout, a fully equipped kitchen, a relax area, foosball tables, and a company library. Make yourself at home.
  • Opportunities to learn and build your network. Join the training program of our holding company, OneDay, and participate in the many meetups and events we host at C32 to share knowledge with other people in the industry.
  • Best-in-class benefits. We have a smartworking policy, offer a half day off on your birthday, and give a bonus to newlyweds and new parents.
  • Great perks. We have tons of discounts and deals (ATM, Car2Go, Trenord and more), offer free commercialista consultations, and have free coffee, candy, and fresh breakfast everyday.
  • Fun! We schedule regular teambuilding events throughout the year and have plenty of opportunities to meet our Coordinators and WeRoaders from all over Italy.

Ready to apply? Get ready to send us your video!

Here at WeRoad our philosophy is to hire great people, put them in front of big challenges, and then give them the freedom and responsibility to show up and do amazing work.

We’re pretty unconventional: we don't care if you majored in Tourism or Chemistry or Law. If you’re the perfect match for one of our roles and are as passionate and ambitious as we are, we want you on board - regardless of your past experience.

We want to focus on the real you, beyond just your CV. That's why the first step to becoming part of our team is sending us a short video in which you introduce yourself and tell us something about you that we can’t gather by looking at your CV.

Let us know, in 3 minutes max:

  • Why do you want to work at WeRoad?
  • In what do you consider yourself “number one”?
  • Why are you the perfect fit for the position?
  • What makes you happy to go to work everyday?
  • Which three words would you use to describe yourself as a professional?

Feel free to send your video in Italian or English - we speak both! Focus on content (not format), and have fun. When you’re finished, include the link (Vimeo, YouTube, Drive) in your application. We can't wait to meet the real you!

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