Operations Specialist (Graduate Program in Business Operations)

WeRoad is a fast-growing startup that is disrupting the travel industry in Italy, Spain...and now UK!


WeRoad is a community of travellers, united by their love for travel, adventure, and discovering faraway lands and cultures. We bring together small groups of like-minded millennials and send them on life-changing experiences to 100+ destinations all over the globe.

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Founded in 2017, we're a dynamic, ambitious team of nearly 70 people experiencing exponential growth in Italy and Spain, and launching in the UK. Our mission is to design and deliver experiences worth living and sharing, rewriting the rules of the travel industry every step of the way.

We are looking for a sharp Business Operation lover who will join the Operations and BI team and help us coordinate and lead projects across all teams, support the evolution of business processes, improve access and availability of data and implement low-code solutions in order to aid processes that are not yet developed in our digital platforms. 

ABOUT THE ROLE: Operations Specialist

What will be your focus? 

During and after the Graduate Program, you will be the reference point on three macro-areas: 


  • Identification of processes that suffer of limited scalability through direct observation and proactive gathering of information; 
  • Identification of short term solutions (quick wins) to aid the processes and development of long term plans to reach full 
  • scalability; 
  • Autonomous implementation of the quick-wins with low-code methods; 
  • Project Management of the long-term solution. 


  • Make it happen - facilitate the Team’s work, ensuring information is available to all stakeholders and helping the Team reach all the goals by the deadlines set; 
  • Continuous networking with the Team to keep everybody aligned on crucial information and needs; 
  • Help us extend our operations framework and best practices to all our Countries (for now, Italy, Spain and UK, but soon… who knows ;) )


  • You will be the reference point between the Team and the data sources available: you will collect Team members’ needs for data and help them access the info, while also making them autonomous on data access and analysis. 
  • You will collaborate with the Data Engineering team and our Developers in building our data structures and help the Team get the most out of it, using tools like Tableau, Google Data Studio, Excel and N8N 

What are we looking for? 

We don’t expect that you fully master all these hard skills (nobody in the team did when they joined) but we expect of you to learn fast, work with minimal instructions, gather all information you need and that you are super committed to producing the best output. 

  • Someone who holds a master degree in engineering, economics or other scientific disciplines (if you are a genius, you can apply even if you don’t have a master degree!); 
  • Someone who doesn’t have more than 2 work experiences after their graduation; 
  • Someone who is strongly committed to learning: you will be bombarded with information, even in your first working days ;) ; 
  • Someone who is comfortable with new tools and softwares, which have to be learned very fast and autonomously, and then explained to all stakeholders;
  • Someone who is an expert at relations and communication: continuous negotiation and networking will be the foundation of your success;
  • Someone who wants to have a real impact in WeRoad’s success;
  • Someone who has a strong analytical mindset; 
  • Someone who has proactive and creative problem solving skills;
  • Basic Knowledge or strong desire to learn: 
  • Excel (and Google Sheets) at pro level; 
  • Programming skills or mindset (we do use Javascript to build Google Apps Scripts automations) 
  • SQL 
  • Tableau & Google Data Studio 

What can you expect? 

  • A structured context with an evolved start-up mood - everything changes very fast! 
  • A contractual offer commensurate with your career path and the possibility of fast professional growth; 
  • A cool, young, energetic and informal environment; 
  • The chance to travel the world with WeRoad and ScuolaZoo
  • Access to our amazing network of professionals - do you know we co-live with another travel agency, a newspaper, a media production agency, an e-commerce factory and two communication agencies? 
  • Special Perks: family benefits, discounts, training, teambuilding, smartworking, flexible hours and many more! 

Ready to apply? Get ready to send us your video! 

Here at WeRoad our philosophy is to hire great people, put them in front of big challenges, and then give them the freedom and responsibility to show up and do amazing work. 

We’re pretty unconventional: we don't care if you majored in Communication, Tourism or Chemistry or Law. If you’re the perfect match for one of our roles and are as passionate and ambitious as we are, we want you on board - regardless of your past experience. 

We want to focus on the real you, beyond just your CV. That's why the first step to become part of our team is sending us a short video in which you introduce yourself and tell us something about you that we can’t gather by looking at your CV. 

Let us know, in 3 minutes max: 

  • Explain who you are telling us 3 things you like to do 
  • What is your biggest dream? 
  • What role do you usually have in a group and why? 
  • What is a javascript array? Explain it "like I'm five" in less than 30 seconds (if you have no idea... Google it!)

Feel free to send your video in Italian or English - we speak both! Focus on content (not format), and have fun. When you’re finished, include the link (Vimeo, YouTube, Drive) in your application. We can't wait to meet the real you!

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