About Wolfpoint Agency

Wolfpoint Agency is one of the leading Shopify Plus and e-commerce experts in the world. We work with a diverse range of clients, from startups to Fortune 50 companies, and a wide variety of project types. We specialize in e-commerce web development and ongoing support of our clients’ websites and digital growth. From subscription management and strategy to challenging data migrations, we’ve seen it all.

We pride ourselves in solving tough technical challenges and building beautiful and effective websites that engage and convert. Our team consists of designers, developers, marketers, solutions engineers, and generally people based all over the world who are passionate about what they do.

Summary and Scope

The Project Manager works with all team members at Wolfpoint to deliver and fulfill projects, tasks, and objectives for our clients - this includes but is not limited to e-commerce website builds, private or public app development, analytics implementations, data migrations and much more. The Project Manager will oversee the projects from start to finish and also enforce and develop efficient processes to manage agency work and agency clients. They will work closely with all parties involved to maintain client satisfaction and quality work, while making sure deadlines are met and proactively keeping tasks on track.

The person in this role must be a solid communicator, possess great attention to detail and organizational skills, and keep a positive, go-getter mentality in the face of challenges. He or she must be service-oriented and have a constructive attitude around the office and with clients, with an appreciation for deadlines, business operations, business realities and continuous growth.


  • Develop and manage timelines for digital development projects
  • Follow procedure to assign and continuously monitor all of your projects’ tasks within the project management tool
  • Schedule and lead project calls, and maintain clear and thorough consistent communication across the project internally and with the client; take diligent notes on communication to share with others
  • Proactively identify and stay ahead of blockers
  • Participate in team meetings and help strategize processes and initiatives
  • Ensure all work is client-ready through Quality Assurance testing with an acute attention to detail
  • Anticipate client and team questions and provide thoughtful answers/solutions
  • Maximize potential for client retention and account growth
  • Apply previous knowledge and engage in continuous growth to constantly evolve and develop skills

The Ideal Fit

Qualifications and experience mean a lot, but we find when you fit the right personality to the right role, that is when both the individual and the wolf pack really thrive.  Below are the traits and skills necessary to succeed in this position:

  • The devil is in the details.  Missing an important component of a build could add weeks to a project.  An acute attention to detail helps to both avoid issues and anticipate them before they arise.
  • Organization is crucial.  You’ll need to plan out both long and short term schedules, and also be able to adapt them as they inevitably evolve. 
  • Communication skills cannot be stressed enough.  You’ll be communicating with several external and internal teams at once across many different platforms and will need to keep them all straight. You are the conduit through which all information passes; you must be able to absorb information from a technical party and convey it to a creative party, or vice versa.  You may not always have the information another party needs, so you also need to know how best to communicate a temporary lack of information.
  • Multitasking is your M.O.  You might try to schedule your day, but there’s no telling what can come up and take priority at any given moment.  
  • A go-getter mentality helps you take the reins on your projects.  You cannot be micromanaged in this role; you’ll need to be able to make your own important decisions, or else you’ll fall behind.  This role is perfect for someone who relishes a challenge, and enjoys being an integral piece of building and executing a goal.
  • You must be service-oriented and have a positive attitude with both clients and coworkers.  Lots of problems will arise through the course of a project, but there is always a solution; negativity will cloud your judgment.
  • A business mindset with an appreciation for deadlines, business operations, business realities and continuous growth helps you to work more efficiently and advance more quickly.
  • You need to be comfortable working remotely, and not always communicating face-to-face, voice-to-voice or in the same time zone.
  • Flexibility is key to this role and this industry.  While 9-6 works most days, this is a job that requires doing things when they need to get done, so the call to duty may exceed those boundaries at critical points in a project.
  • Passion for e-commerce and small business in general will help you advocate for your clients.  If you enjoy helping others’ flourish, you will gain a lot of fulfillment from this role, as you will be an integral part of growing their businesses.
  • Lastly, you’ve got to be comfortable with technical basics and language. You won’t be expected to know how to code (though it certainly wouldn’t hurt), but you do need to be able to look up terms you do not understand and solutions to the problems you face using the vast wealth of knowledge at your fingertips on this thing called the internet.  We can always solve complex problems together, but we’re looking for someone who takes the first steps to understand on their own.

Required Skills

  • 1+ years in client-facing position in a web-related industry; e.g. Project Management, Account Management, Customer Service or Support
  • Experience with the Shopify platform is a major plus
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Exceptional written and verbal skills
  • Practiced problem solving skills
  • The ability to self-supervise without hand-holding 
  • Ambition and hungry work ethic
  • Passion for web development, e-commerce and the digital landscape
  • Experience in JIRA, Basecamp or similar PM tools
  • Experience in Google Drive and the rest of the Google suite
  • PM certifications are a plus, but not required

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