Senior Software engineer (Java/Spring)

Dublin, Ireland Full Time

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Zartis is helping recruiting one of the fastest growing companies in Dublin. Providing travel technologies to companies all over the world, at the moment they are looking forward to enlarging their team in Dublin.

With a Java based environment, they built both cloud applications and native mobile ones.

Key responsibilities are

  • You would be working in a software primarily built on the JVM that exposes RESTful APIs. Connected to the BE you will find both SPA and native mobile applications.
  • The backend technologiesinclude:Spring-Boot and much of the Spring stack interacting withdatastoreslike MySQL, MongoDB,Redisand Elasticsearch. We build, automate and deploy with Gradle, Gulp, Ansible, Docker. We have supporting tools written in Python,Bashand Groovy.
  • Writing software in Java, Groovy, for testing automation, or Kotlin dependent on code base
  • Writing unit tests for complex business logic and as well acceptance test for all new API updates.
  • They believe in a DevOps culture and hope you to contribute to that improving the Continous Integration/Continous Deployment pipelines.
  • Aside from your work on the serversideyou will have the chance to work also on the server side and on mobile applications if you wish to.
  • Contributing to design and software development lifecycles
  • Opportunities to be the lead engineering contact for a designated customer

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