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Role Sr. Engineer Network Voice

What is the minimum years of working experience required for this position?

6-10 years


Key responsibilities for this position.

The Engineer Voice is responsible for securing the health & availability of Fixed Voice and FMC platforms, products & services.

This includes:

·      Solve network related and customer related incidents and disturbances

·      Monitor and perform maintenance tasks on our network

·      Increase/adapt capacity in our network

·      Lead engineer for implementation of new services or legacy phase out

·      Acceptance testing for new platforms and services

·      Testing and implementation of new software and Interconnects

·      Perform migrations from old platforms to new ones

·      Knowledge management (writing and updating troubleshoot related procedures)

·      Scripting/automation to make tasks/work more efficient

·      Support and coaching of engineers in complex incidents and technological issues

·      Advice management and business on decisions for issues and products&services

·      Be part of an on-call team for incidents


Specific knowledge needed for the position

·      Expert knowledge of Fixed Voice and FMC related technologies, products and services

·      Expert knowledge of the following platforms: Broadsoft, Huawei IMS, Oracle/ACME SBC, CS2K, DMS, Escaux Mobile Connect

·      Expert knowledge of SIP, C7 and ISDN30

·      Knowledge of INAP, ENUM, SIGTRAN and MGCP/H.248


What are the specific skills needed for the position?

·      Troubleshooting & Problem solving capabilities

·      Skill to identify structural service and process improvements

·      Excellent verbal and written communication skills

·      Documentation skills

·      Scripting and automation skills

·      Advising skills

·      Coaching /Training skills

The most relevant competencies needed for this position

·      Customer Focus / Service oriented

·      Accuracy and a good eye for detail

·      Being able to see through complex interdependencies and its effects

·      Team player and collaborator

·      Proactive attitude and communication

·      Take responsibility for end to end solutions

·      Able to perform under high pressure


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